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Line alignment: AMD launches the Radeon R9 370X

The red manufacturer is competing with the GeForce GTX 950, HD 7870 is equipped with a new color layer

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Alongside the stunning but pretentious R9 Nano, AMD has also launched a very quiet (very) official launch for the new Radeon R9 370X video card, designed to be a direct competition for the new GeForce GTX 950 .

The 370X is based on the Trinindad XT core with 1,280 processing units in the old GCN 1.0 architecture - and this is actually the same Pitcairn XT core that accompanies us from the 2012 year, first named HD 7870 and until recently also named R9 270X.

The Radeon R9 370X in Sapphire's Vapor-X version - the first official model for the updated card that feels a little bit like AMD itself is not really interested to know about its existence
The Radeon R9 370X in the Sapphire Vapor-X version - the first official model for the updated card that feels a bit like She does not really want her to know about him

According to the bit of information available on the network, it appears that the Radeon R9 370X will be offered at slightly higher operating frequencies than we have seen in the previous two generations (1,150 to 1,200 MHz for core, compared to 1,000 to 1,050 MHz in most cases in the past), and at a slightly higher starting price. A modest 180 dollar - which should help make it a more competitive and lucrative offer, at a modest difference. Will it be enough to put some pressure on the GTX 950 and GTX 960 on both sides when it comes to price? For the survival of And for the benefit of all of us, let us hope so.

It is worth noting that the R9 370X supports the DirectX 12 standard and know how to enjoy its many benefits - but it does support it with a DX11_1 characterization level, so it will be missing Some of the characteristics and abilities As the GTX 950 and the GTX 960, 12 with higher DX12_1 characterization

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  1. Well,
    So in the country it will cost NIS 800-900 when there are 7870 and 270X in the NIS 650-700 area. Real work on the poor in this new series…

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