Meltdown and Spectre loopholes in processors: HWzone performance tests
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Meltdown and Spectre loopholes in processors: performance tests

The security gap in modern processors of all kinds is being repaired in the operating system , And various tests from across the network indicate that in most cases it is possible to breathe a sigh of relief and stop worrying about a system that will suddenly become faltering and slow

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A few days after an explosion Security breaches Fundamentals that jeopardize most computers and smartphones on the market, which has caused a lot of uncertainty and anger, we finally have more established information and even solutions to the hack that are actually two different methods of achieving a similar malicious goal - already managed to get the official names Meltdown and Specter by The researchers discovered them.

Two different loopholes that affect almost all systems in the market

Meltdown and Spectre were first discovered by a team of researchers From the Google Zero project, Which collaborated with researchers Some academic institutions have found that the execution of very specific operating arrangements can reveal the most basic information in the various operating systems to only those who have basic privileges and those who created them, in a way that "breaks" the hierarchy and puts personal information of users who need to be exposed to potential danger.

The most general and user-friendly explanation of the pair of threatening loopholes exposed

It is not known that software or malware used actualized loopholes, but it seems that a combination of the fact that they are most common for their repair is quite challenging and can not be based on microprocessor processing of the processors has made the ads for the HUMMER much larger than any gap Another that has been unveiled this past year - and with it has increased the potential for attempts to adopt Specter and Meltdown for improper uses in the future.

Specter is a headache for almost every processor on the market - while Meltdown is "exclusive" to its products , Ostensibly

While Meltdown's operating method makes it only possible for Intel processors, most of the architectures and generations launched since the beginning of the decade, Specter is an even more advanced and complicated loophole - possible even for Intel's processors, Also on AMD's products, Also on ARM Cortex-A cores And even in the power architectures of the company In the world of servers.

Limited exposure to security risks in its products Help increase sales?

The correction is on the way to us all

It is likely that we will see quite a few patches and updates designed to completely and utterly clog the problems that Metldown and Specter have caused in most of the operating systems on the market, including those of Apple and Google and the various Linux distributions - but for now we have patches for the system Windows 10 In all its variants, a system Windows 8.1, editorial board Windows 7 And for Server 2016 from . Updates have been released for manual download at this time and will be massed to the hundreds of millions of users running from Tuesday, Urgent - to ensure that the security issue is corrected as quickly and widely as possible.

This is probably not the end of the story yet - but this update of And Intel is an important part of it

We definitely recommend not to wait for the automatic update to come in any way, And perform a KB4056892 update installation Already, to feel a little more secure and relaxed.

Performance tests

With the release of security updates to the most widely used system on the market right now, it's time to talk about the elephant in the room - and it's performance after the patch is installed, or, more specifically, the initial assessment that they will be significantly affected. A number of sites have been diving into the topic already, with various computer systems and metrics And it seems that at this stage it can be declared that for most simple home consumers, this update should not create any noticeable problems.

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A number of different tests have shown that in the gameplay, there is no effect in the gameplay (one game that showed some negative effect, which can not be described as a slight statistical deviation, Assassin's Creed: Origins). Some applications, such as 3DMark, even showed slight improvement after the update. At the same time, it seems that the speeds and latencies of the dynamic memories in the system were not affected, but rather drives Extremely fast, They also suffered a few percentage points in performance.

Image source:

Intel has increased to do and even worry Post a public message In which she cites some of the largest technology companies on the market, Microsoft, , Waffle - all of which declare that performance damage after updating the facility is minimal in the vast majority of cases and applications, including those in the business and information centers world. It is likely that there are combinations between specific hardware arrays and specific uses where the damage will reach an extreme level and exceed the 10 percent, but it all seems very far from the very bleak forecast we were given just a week ago.

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This whole saga is not pleasant to anyone, consumers and chip makers alike, but it seems that you can start breathing a bit more freely.

Samsung's agile 960 PRO drive performance before and after the update (right) - whether more advanced and powerful systems show higher potential for performance impairment, or systems with Older and more basic ones will be slowed more noticeably? We will continue to monitor the findings and update you


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