The Miix 700 is the international brother of the successful Surface Pro 3 tablet
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The Miix 700 is the international brother of the successful Surface Pro 3 tablet

Dreaming on a tablet Worth the price and availability of the version from Microsoft? Lenovo has a very relevant offer for you

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We definitely like Surface Pro's range of devices , And agree with the approach that the windows system, especially in its latest version, is suitable for tablet configuration no less than Android and, And perhaps even more.

However, the decision of Marketing the device officially only in a limited number of countries around the globe has resulted in a very rare sight in the Holy Land, having to rely on orders from overseas through third-party companies or private importing stores in Israel - and in both cases, this means adding tens Many percentages to the price, which is not very low in the first place.

We still hold our fingers that in the future Surface Pro 4 we will see the software giant adopt a slightly more courageous and international strategy, but until it is announced and we can find out what it is - we have the new Miix 700 , Who wants to adopt the niche for himself.

Will he come to Israel?

Lenovo's new tablet is very similar to the Surface Pro 3, not only in the general design that incorporates a footer that allows the device to be placed on surfaces at multiple angles for use as a small desktop computer, but also on the hardware itself which consists of an 12-inch 1,440 × X-aspect ratio Unusual width of 2,160: 3, front and rear megapixel 2 cameras, storage-based storage Which start with 64GB and cost up to 256GB, 4GB or 8GB, as well as thin, keyboard-integrated covers that connect to the device magnetically and turn it into a computer Really.

Find the differences (the Miix on the right)

The major change between the pair of devices is the use of second- M, the Skylake generation (starting with the " From the basic m3 to the the fastest and most expensive m7), the Miix 700, On Surface Pro 3 - which gives Microsoft the processing power crown, but at the same time allows Lenovo to declare life Better up to 9 hours, compared to up to 7.5 hours only at the competitor.

With a thickness of just less than 9 millimeters (without the keyboard) and a weight that starts at only about 780 grams, the Miix 700 challenges the Also in compactness

According to the latest reports, the Surface Pro 4 models will also migrate to the processors. M new ones, and therefore it seems that the choice of Is the most logical and logical in any case.

Another very significant difference between the two advanced tablets is the price - while the Surface Pro 3 is offered at a starting price tag of $ 800 which does not include the product-compatible keyboard covers, Blanovo will allow you to purchase the Miix 7 at a slightly shorter price of 700 dollars, Includes keyboard cover. Considering that the cheapest Type Cover is Priced at 130 dollars, this is a difference of no less than 230 dollars - which is a very significant advantage for the young imitator.

802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity with dual-channel antennas for transmission and reception, USB 3.0 connection, 2.0 USB connection, microSD slot, Micro-HDMI connection, and an option for cellular connectivity and an option for an innovative RealSense camera Facial recognition support - these complement the impressive package we offer here to Novo

For dessert, based on the fact that the previous Miixs sold in the country officially and relatively widely - we have good reason to believe and hope that the Miix 700 will also look on the store shelves in the country, which will only increase its relevance to domestic consumers compared to the Pro.

The Miix 700 tablet is due to arrive at the stores in November, and we will no doubt continue to follow suit and will update you if necessary.

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