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The most powerful hybrid: First details about the Lenovo 720

The Chinese manufacturer will try to provide us with the best of all worlds with quad-core processors, a new generation video card and also Which includes the famous Axis which Round of 360 degrees

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Our modern computer market is full of models trying to be the thinnest and lightest there is, but at the same time providing special capabilities such as the possibility of becoming a large tablet, and although the combination of these features creates mostly parts models designed primarily for consumers who are willing to compromise hardware in exchange for mobility - , Which hopes to prove to us that it is also possible with the help of the new Yoga 720.

The new hybrid laptop has not yet been officially introduced, but it has been unveiled on the official website of the manufacturer prematurely and for a limited time - enough to capture the most interesting information about it: one that puts it in a position to become the most advanced in its niche.

Big Brother, with extraordinary power

The 720 will be offered in two different sizes of 15.6 and 13.3. The larger version is also the more interesting, thanks to the option to choose between an IPS panel-based touch screen with a full HD 3,840 × 2,160 resolution and a touch screen based A more modest 1080p IPS panel, quad core processor (and logical core octagon), Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ, DDR4 dynamic memory and 8GB or 16GB volume, built-in SSD-based storage supports NVMe interface With a volume of up to one terabyte, a JBL stereo pair of speakers with support for Dolby Audio Improvements, a substantial 2-watcher battery that is supposed to add Lctsa hours of work a model FullHD screen (or eight hours on models with screen 72K) - especially dedicated graphics card GeForce GTX sample the 4's , With 4GB 's Graphic.

720 Yoga 15

The real performance of the graphics card will be greatly affected by the efficiency of the cooling solution it will succeed But it is quite clear that this will be a quantum leap of many tens of percent in all processing categories compared to the largest and most advanced hybrid devices we have encountered to date, the vast majority of which contained the GeForce 720MX at best, or the GeForce 940 (or Built-in graphics processor) in the worst case scenario.

Lenovo (and we) owe thanks to, Which allows us to accept products like this

As you can see from the name, the Yoga 720 will offer a pivot that turns 360 degrees and allows you to use the device in a variety of ways, combining the keyboard and the touch screen or the touch screen only, and you can also find a built-in fingerprint scanner, Wi-Fi connectivity with standard support 802.11ac, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, 720p front camera for video calls, a set of connections that includes one USB Type-C, 3, one 3.1 USB connection with transfer speeds up to 10 Gigabit per second, 3.0 Type-A USB connection pair (yes, the external video connections will need to be based on the Type-C connector and adapter) Active Pen , Which will be offered for purchase separately.

Fingerprint scanner is not a bad addition - but if you've already improved security, we'd love to see these models as a front-facing camera, Hello for face detection

All of these features will be populated within a 19-millimeter computer with a weight of 2 and a silver or gray shade when a display panel with very thin margins on three sides indicates that the overall dimensions of the product can be more similar to those of the 14 Certain, than those of 15 "Classic" inches. Another relative bonus in a touchscreen device that at least some of its possible uses include holding it in your hands or placing it on your knees.

A screen with impressive thin margins - although this is a feature that is rapidly becoming a new norm in the entire market. Touch pen support, on the other hand, is something that can certainly be fully credited to Yoga 720

A small fireplace with a unique color

The 13 720 model of the Yoga 4 will be very similar to the exterior and some of the technical features of its large brother - with the same choice between the IPS touch panel at 1080K resolution and the XNUMXp IPS touch panel (albeit with a smaller diagonal size of course) In memory Up to 16GB, PCI-Express standard storage up to terabyte, JBL dual speakers, fingerprint scanner available in some sub-models, system 10 in the Home version, a narrow-border screen and optional touch-pen support.

Yoga 720, 13-inch version

However, the small Yoga 720 will be offered with dual-core processors only, unfortunately, i7-7500U at the top, and with their built-in graphical core only, is the one that fits the HD Graphics 620 model - so despite these same names, these 13-inch models will offer a level Much more basic, more similar to most other hybrids on the market, and less to the enlarged Yoga 720.

Want to try and guess the expected prices of the two models?

The 48 Watt-hour battery should provide up to seven hours for the 4K model or up to eight hours for the 1080p model, the connection array will include a pair of USB Type-C 3 (will you officially support connecting an external graphics processing unit that can change the snapshot in performance?) And connection One more 3.1, and the main advantage of the modest hardware will be the dimensions, which in this case will stand on the weight of about 1.3 kilograms plus a total thickness of a little less than 14 millimeters.

The more modest "13" model will be offered in a rather nice brown color that will not be available in the larger version

The Yoga 720 family may see daylight in an exhibition 2017 in less than two weeks, and we hope that we will also get information about the price tags that are expected to help us decide whether this is a cool innovation, or a niche product that will only suit consumers. See more updates soon.


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