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Best of all: AMD processors at great prices

Original article: Looking for the cost-effective king of the world of desktop processors? Run to Amazon to pick this deal before it disappears

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We already know that L- And its partners have a clear intention to liquidate the inventory of processors, 2000 to make room for more models New 3000 - something that we consumers can take great advantage of right now as part of the Prime Day project.

Along with the Ryzen 7 2700X model which continues to be offered at a bargain price from yesterday morning, You can now buy the The company's great hexagonal Ryzen 5 2600, With a power envelope of 65 watts, maximum operating frequency of 3.9GHz and Wraith Stealth cooling included in the price - for 152.59 dollars only, all inclusive.

Only two years ago we would not dare dream about a six-core processor at a three-digit price in shekels - how much the market has changed and developed in recent times!

This is the cheapest price we have received to this day (Which started out with a recommended price tag of no less than 200 dollars) and generally an extremely lucrative price for such a modern and effective processor that will probably provide an adequate response to the vast majority of home users both in gaming applications and in content processing and creation applications - without ripping The pocket. It is not known what the existing inventory is and how long it will suffice, so we definitely recommend jumping this invention as soon as possible - successfully!

updating: is also Processor Threadripper 2950X with 16 AMD HEDT cores Has received its own elimination price - 626.42 dollars including VAT and shipping instead of the base cost of 750 dollars, which was presented at the end of last year 2,225 NIS for crazy processing power For those who do not want to wait for the arrival of the " 9 3950X monstrous in a few months.

2 Update: The days of the Prime Day ended The Ryzen 5 2600 is still available at a great discount (A slight increase of $ 6 from the minimum price we saw yesterday) - and alongside it as well The Ryzen 5 2600X Which is priced at $ 188.04 or NIS 670The quad-core Ryzen 5 2400G also features a built-in Vega 11 graphics unit At a price of only $ 129.38 or NIS 460. Absolutely worth it!


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  1. Super-duper pays off!
    Anyone thinking of buying this price processor is making every other series, both Intel's and AMD's 3 strain, completely unnecessary.

  2. "That will probably provide an adequate response to the vast majority of home users in both gaming and professional processing and creation applications" - decide, Jonathan - home or professional.
    Maybe homey yes, professional - it's his time.
    Do not understand all sentiments to old hardware.
    People still worship 1200 as if it were some milestone
    Technological in the history of processors.
    Come on, there were good ones.
    Raisen 3 - and everyone else, just bandits!

  3. Quote of napoleon45

    Do not understand all sentiments to old hardware.

    It may be "old" but the improvement in relation to it is not particularly significant given the low price of the outgoing generation.

    The name of the game is performance in terms of money and if you save 10-15% in performance you pay 30-40% less this is a really good deal.

    I do not understand who says to buy only the new and that everything that has been idle until now. Really wrong and not my business.
    There seems to be a desire to push into a specific product without checking whether it is really the most suitable.
    There is no financial justification for upgrading from 2700X to 3700X. But maybe it gives the "new" feeling or even comes with the purpose of supporting the company / product launched and actually "flying" on it.
    If there is no justification for upgrading, this means that the product of the previous generation is still relevant.

  4. What is the connection ?

    I'm talking about apples and you're on sweet potatoes.

    I'm talking about buying a new computer.

    Where did I talk about upgrading?

    Stick to the saying, not to your thoughts…. : nixweiss:

  5. I cling to it.
    This is just an example of a gentle generation that is still relevant to those who are buying a new one. Since there is no point in upgrading, there is no significant improvement in the value of financial investment. This is valid both for those who are his profession and for those who are merely a hobby. Hence even if a new Dandesh buyer definitely has a chance to consider a previous generation when he is in such a generous operation.
    At current price this is the most cost effective offer even if there is something more fast and new in the area. It's simple.

  6. It's unbelievable how he was kidnapped !!! In the end I purchased 516 in Israel for Amazon 484 Nation (including shipping and taxes) (2400G)

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