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The motherboards of the Haswell generation star at CeBIT

As we suspected, the best motherboard manufacturers of the world are displaying motherboards for the CPUs,Haswell Who are approaching Intel at the show
On the processorsHaswell We have already reported every possible crumbs of information that we have managed to extract from the network, but on the chipset to the mainstream on which the motherboards will be based will support little known. God-Z87 Will not go far beyond supporting my work Haswell, Except for six connections SATA3 The option of a single video card array that will receive the full bandwidth of thePCI-E 3.0 16X Can offer, two that will receive each bandwidth of PCI-E 3.0 8X (Which until now had not limited anyone in any form) or three, the first of whom would receive PCI-E 3.0 8X And the other two will get everyone PCI-E 3.0 4X. In any case, we would not recommend more than two to sane people.
Extreme of Asrock
A particularly popular manufacturer, Asrok, introduced several motherboards toHaswell In the exhibition. In the company,Z87 Extreme6, The company's most advanced motherboard,Z87 Pro4-M Smaller andH87 Pro4 Designed for the more budget market. As you can see from the pictures, the motherboards are not yet ready and completely finished, but we know they will win the sympathy of the hardware reviewers once they are officially launched.
BIOSTAR They claim again the throne
Another manufacturer, this time trying to restore the glans to his old age and displaying his motherboards is also in the exhibition BIOSTAR. Unlike many motherboards today, they contain a relatively primitive built-in sound card Realtek, Contain motherboards of the company God-Puro HiFi, Which improves sound quality rather than on the basis of the system processor. The three tables presented inBIOSTAR In this exhibition,HiFi-B85S2, God-HiFi-Z87X3D and the-HiFi-H87S3 +. The sharp-eyed will immediately notice which Intended for some market, but we would be happy if they had chosen a simpler name scheme.
Can you guess who this is?
The most advanced motherboard that the company presented is theHiFi-Z87X3D. Although the C-Haswell Contain themselves voltage stabilizers, contains an additional 12 motherboard. In addition, the board has the option to populate it or a single video card that will receive most of the bandwidth or two that will split it between them,SATA3 Which contains the chipset. We hope the focus is for two , An audio chip manufactured by the company and a minority of non-essential features will lead to a low price for the consumer and a high profit for the manufacturer, which will benefit everyone.
also to-Gigabyte Have something to show?
The largest manufacturer to display panels at the exhibitionHaswell There was the great GigaBite. The motherboards presented by the company are:GA-Z87X-OC and the-GA-Z87XA-UD5H, This time it is possible to guess exactly which board is intended for which target audience. The beauty of the motherboards, apart from the strange color choices made by GigaBate, is the multitude of buttons in them. For those of us who work without a package: two for the base frequency (plus and minus), for Turbo, shut down and reset buttons, power and switch points between the two different busses. The motherboards are still in an unfinished phase and, as proof, the blue heat sink is the same body In which the company uses cheaper motherboards and it is reasonable to assume that Computex will look like the most luxurious and finished version of the motherboard with fixtures Black and more massive.

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MSI Gaming Boards

MSI surprised the Z87A-GD65 board for gamers. In addition to the transition of most manufacturers to simpler naming schemes, MSI has bombarded us with 16 (!!!) processor voltage stabilizers powered by two 8-pin connections from the power supply. Let us hope that the motherboard is also able to switch overclocking, since a voltage stabilization and voltage supply system requires this and will also be reflected in the motherboard price. In terms of storage connections, the board is overloaded: the six SATA3 chipsets and two external controllers, eight USB3 connections, two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort. The board is still not close to being ready for marketing, as the colors in which the board will appear in addition to my body will probably change More massive. Similar to what you've been doing at Gigabit for years, it's possible that the same PCB will be used for the entire series, which saves them and costs us.

Where did you go onASUS?
The world's largest motherboards maker was conspicuously absent. It is not clear whether this is because the company did not want to show unfinished products, or they wanted a company that computer journalists from around the world would notice their absence, which will build hype and anticipation of the company's motherboards. In any case, we saw beautiful things in the exhibition and we expect the arrival of the processors,Haswell Which in turn will populate them.


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  1. Asus? Two of their products I bought this year are both priced
    I moved to gigabyte and had no problems. And it comes from a longtime customer of asus ..

    Also a motherboard that sometimes decided to unplug USB or just freeze the computer, and also their video card that froze and did driver does not respond.
    I switched them both to gigabyte equivalents and for over six months I forgot about these problems

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