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The network is disappointed: Intel video cards will not be offered for $ 200

Incorrect translation of an interview with the head of the graphic processing division at the company created waves on the network - and resulted in an official response clarifying the situation

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Raja Koduri is a prominent personality in the world of hardware development that is certainly hard to ignore, and now it seems more true than ever when he made an (alleged) statement about a price tag of only 200 dollars For the first gaming cards Of the company .

Russian YouTube channel On behalf of Pro Hi-Tech, he published (and has since deleted) a translation of an interview with Kodori Who has been leading Intel's video card development efforts The designations after years in them Was responsible for the field in AMD competitor - And that's where a bomb was dropped with a statement that Intel plans to use built-in HBM memory built on a silicone substrate adjacent to the processing box itself, offering gaming products to the home market starting at just $ 200.

The buzz on the net as a result of this statement came immediately and spread like wildfire, and Intel, who usually does not respond to the characters, decided to cool down the excitement - with the explanation that this was simply the wrong translation of what Kodori wanted to say.

Raja Kodori again grabs the headlines

The senior representative did approve of the company's plans to use HBM memos (unknown whether second-generation or third-generation), but also stated that he was aware that not all consumers would be interested in investing 500 or 600 dollars in a graphics processing card for their system - what Which is probably the starting range that Intel is looking at, in a way that makes much more sense given the use of extremely advanced and expensive graphical memories.

The first Xe brand models Will be one of the most interesting news in the hardware world next year - regardless of what we look like

Kodori did state that the intentions of It provides competition at all levels and categories, from dedicated video cards to the budget market that starts from the price level of 200 dollars or even 100 dollars to the real-world servers to the high end information centers - but estimated that You can only offer such a full and wide range within two or three years.

Plans to offer maximum flexibility in its graphics processing architecture, which is no secret - but it's something that will only mature a few years after launching the initial models

In other words, you seem to expect With a revolutionary cost-benefit ratio of just $ 200 price tag as early as next year is a bit unrealistic - but you can't deny it as a downstream option.


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  1. Will Intel sell premium lentil product? Say you split your mind? Wait at all we'll see what it's worth
    I'm betting on maximum 256 bit cards at the price of 512…. (1440P Pressed)

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