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The new addition to your system: Cooler Master introduces RGB video card support

Incorporate a powerful and massive video card into your computer system and fear that its connection to the motherboard won't be in the load? Get to know ELV8

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Graphics cards with air coolers are getting bigger and heavier than ever in recent generations, and this presents new challenges for motherboard makers who have to offer mechanically reinforced PCI-Express connectors to support weights that can approach one kilogram without leading to failure and breakage sooner or later . Company The famous one believes it has a more effective solution to this challenge - and one that will also decorate your chassis.

Taiwanese manufacturer launched Its new ELV8 solution, Which is intended to be an external supporter for Heavy Duty - Anchors it into a standard slot in the slot under the required card, and uses a metal leg that can be moved horizontally and vertically for a perfect location to distribute the loads on the motherboard. A fairly elegant solution to a known problem - especially in an era when multi-card arrays that do not leave spare slots in the chassis become rarer.

Help your motherboard withstand the load - and do it with style

As a bonus, the ELV8 includes a dedicated 5 Volt connection to the motherboard that will enable its built-in color RGB illumination, which can be synchronized to color illumination mechanisms from major manufacturers (ASUS, , And Gigabyte). B- It will even provide deeper support and programming of the LED light strip in the product through their MasterPlus application when connecting the ELV8 through a custom control controller (sold separately).

The supporter should fit into any video card, any And every chassis around - all it takes is one expansion slot underneath the graphics card to allow it to perform its job properly

The recommended price of the ELV8 will be around 20 pounds in the United Kingdom (including a local VAT equivalent) and 25 dollars (excluding tax) in the United States - so if you are missing out on another material component to a system with colorful disco lights coming out of it, now You probably can sleep better at night.

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