Returning to its former glory: the new air cooling of Noctua

The renowned Austrian curry maker offers an upscale and upgraded version of Its first 120 millimeters

Somewhere at the beginning of the decade, air purifiers with 120 fans in millimeters were the peak of the cooling area for Before jumping into a world of exotic watercourses in assembly and customization - and at that time one of the category rulers was the company's U12 .

Since then we have seen the rise of systems The closed water is closed and the air coolers become even more massive with the use of 140 millimeters and rear booster panels for the motherboard, which are designed to support the weights that often reach more than a kilogram. In the manufacturer that turned the fan into a real art they decided to go against the current and return to the sources, The NH-U12A is new-but-nostalgic.

The fans on both sides of the aluminum heat sink are the main source of magic - but not only

The motto of the new cooling ensures Of 140 millimeters in physical size of 120 millimeters, and says it all in fact - Is based on seven particularly thick copper tubes and a pair of NF-A12x25 fans developed over a period of five years to provide maximum air flow in most cases and most situations while maintaining a minimum noise level of 22.6dBa in an average living room.

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The compact dimensions are meant to allow cooling to operate alongside all types of dynamic memories available on the market - and to go into a large part of the Mini-ITX cases for large,

The NH-U12A includes compatibility with most modern mainstream platforms, namely the entire LGA115x family of Intel, the resident of the AM4 Plus the existing AM3, AM2 and FM2 seats and the LGA2066 resident In its common standard configuration - so that the most significant drawback is the lack of support for the TR4 chassis for the S- The dreadful.

The entire body is made of aluminum, with non-standard pipes in diameter 58 millimeters

Heat sink Is already being officially sold, Along with a high-quality thermal ointment injector and six-year warranty, for a reasonable price of 100 per unit - and it would be interesting to see head-to-head comparisons with modest watercourses that can be achieved at a similar cost.