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AMD's new chipset is verified - with no back support

The chipset that meets the Creator TRX40 name appears on the company's official website And verifies the reports we've heard before - but this change of branding seems to bring with it a backwards compatibility change in the 3000, although there is no change in physical bracket

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The launch of the third generation Threadripper, With the 24 cores processor as the model to lead the attack in the first phase, Is just around the corner - and with it the launch of new chip sets under the names TRX and WRX that will replace the chipset Which accompanied the first generation duo.

On TRX80, TRX40 and WRX80 We first heard more than a month ago about some leaks, And now a company Validates the existence of the basic chipset in the new family, , On its official motherboard site - still without supporting products listed in the category at this time, but it may no longer be claimed to be an invention or some kind of error.

Makes us an unplanned teaser (or maybe it is?) For the upcoming launch

Another recent report from several different sources on the network states that switching from Intel branding for personal and exclusive branding chipsets to AMD will also bring an end to backward compatibility between the company's HEDT generations - TRX40 chipset will not support first-generation and generation Threadripper processors The other, while the X399 chipsets will not be supported Third-generation Threadripper processors. In other words, those who want to upgrade (or save some money by buying a older component) will have to regenerate both the processor and the motherboard at the same time - despite the fact that we remain with the same TR4 physical resident who accompanied us in the past.

Another tweet that purported to flesh out the backward compatibility that accompanied the products of Good luck since the days of The first

the mother Will you justify the lack of backward compatibility in the current incarnation? Over the next month, the official launch is expected and with the answers, we hope.

These may be the minor differences, relatively speaking, between three different chip sets that inherited In November - though without the backward compatibility, it seems
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