Meet the Radeon RX 5000 series - Navi • HWzone debut
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Meet the Radeon RX 5000 series - Navi's debut

AMD gives us a teaser for the new video cards that it is expected to launch later this summer at E3 To threaten the 2070

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NAVI architecture of Is based on the 7 nanometer process and on the basis of these launches New video cards located below the VII already launched earlier this year.

Now, it's time to move on to a more accessible product for the masses than the one that costs 699 consumer dollars in the form Which are priced much less.

NAVI architecture is based on a new structure called RDNA or Radeon DNA, a structure that differs from that found in CGN, the same internal structure that accompanies the graphics cards of Since launch HD 7970 BEFORE 9 YEARS.

The idea behind RDNA is the desire to improve graphics core capabilities and performance per watt of power consumption. The improvement against the CGN? B- They claim that 25% increments a clock frequency, or an 50% pw of power consumption. It is also known that the graphics cards with this architecture will come with a PCI-Express 4.0 interface that will already support the new X570 platform of .

On stage, a demo of the game Strange Brigade, a game developed with the support of AMD and now known as one that works on existing AMD cards optimally compared to those of . We were told by performance with the card Corresponding to 2070 is high in 10%, which means between the lines that they are fairly close in performance.

The name and branding were definitely unexpected. We are moving from Radeon RX 500 directly to the Radeon RX 5000 and the series that is expected to be launched at the conference at E3 will be the RX 5700, a series that resembles in its name format the HD 5700 of Which was launched about a decade ago. Launch? July. The price? Probably on the line between 300 and 500 dollars with at least two products. Comparison to 2070 should tell us everything you need for your competition goal.

This time the graphics core looks small and similar to what we've never seen in the mid-sized graphics cards. The NAVI is based on a production process of 7 nanometers that uses GDDR6 graphics memory, which has become standard in .

Now all that is left is to wait for E3 to know when These will be available and how much they will cost. We hope for a healthy competition.


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  1. More info: It turns out there will be two versions, 150W and 180W competing on RTX 2070, so AMD seems to be in the right direction in terms of performance for WATT.

    What is also according to the investment in PCB and the cooling - TSMC silicones appear to give good OC capabilities if the cooling does the job, as opposed to the previous generation of GF, which Bryan is stuck directly in the wall at 4.3GHZ.

  2. What is interesting (at least to me) as a sworn gamer - just as it sounds, is the next-level performance, i.e. 1440P.

    The closest thing to such a leap was in NVIDIA's 1000 series. At the time I purchased NIS 1600 for Israel terms, directly from Amazon warehouses

    The 1070 this summer will be signing for my third year, I felt the bounce. From his departure to the present day - the difference between him and past cards was significant.

    During this time he held 1080P with all the eye candy and did not move from stable parts.

    For me the next step is to purchase the same ticket (price) and switch to 1440P to a minimum of 3 years of the same experience.

    It is very abstract what I wrote without any technical detail or numerical explanation, but it is the closest thing to anything relevant I can write in the market

    The video cards that may actually happen - and will be good for all of us. The question is whether AMD is going to deliver the goods this time (I'm skeptical), and even

    If they provide 80%, maybe it will lead to similar moves from the green side and so on. Anything that will draw in this direction of transforming 1440P into a mainstream gaming,

    Would be excellent for us. Anyone who stays at 1080P will earn prizes and tickets, anyone who wants to jump like me - will also earn.

    Hopefully AMD will be relevant again here.

  3. Coch,

    Because the graphic load that renders the resolution 1440P relative to 1080P is exactly 2 (4 million pixels instead of 2)
    Will require more or less dual power graphics accelerator than the GTX1070 gives you, in order to preserve the same

    Equivalent eye candy as you requested.

    A gtx1080ti (or rtx2080) tag is stronger than 1070 in 63%

    While the next card as rtx2080ti is stronger than 1070 in 100%.

    That means we have the answer about what you need to upgrade to align with 1440P

    And that this is an 2080ti model.

    Currently 2080ti price is very expensive, as it is new here about NIS 6-7K environments, and because it is less common at this time,
    (It is still the top marble) because its price is also not significantly lower or lower than a new price.

    Sellers ask for 90% of new price and rough order. And it is not in the masses from the cattle farm because it was born after the end of the mining process.

    This means that upgrading to 1440P at this time and without compromising the FPS rate (in the same graphic quality settings as you wanted) would be a very expensive pleasure.
    Take this into account.

    The option is where or where to postpone the upgrade to a longer date and when the visitors drop significantly,

    Or alternatively be content with upgrading to something of 1080ti's level but realizing that it's not 2 than you have today, so it's not beyond

    Homomorphous-Linear to 1440P as desired. It will take the same FPS to go down in the graphics settings.

    My recommendation is where to wait.

  4. Corrections:

    2560X1440 - 3.6MP

    1920X1080 - 2.0MP


    Order of RTX 2080 TI from Amazon today NIS 4500 (+ -1%) until you open your home. The RTX 2080 in a thousand less meets the required 70%, for an account

  5. If it's already accurate:

    It's 3.68 million pixels in 1440P

    Facing 2.07 million pixels in 1080P

    Or a ratio of 1.77.

    When this is the case, then the cheaper solution is 2080 / 2080ti environments which provide more 63% performance,

    Answer fairly well enough.

    63 percentage versus 77 percentage increase in load.

    close enough.

  6. Hello

    Irrelevant. I've talked about it only when the staircase will be at the same price of 1070 - as far as I'm concerned, we're actually jumping up.

    It was a little personal response on my part, I talked about how I actually see the next jump, may be for another person

    RTX is a step-by-step leap, let alone a move to 7NM.

    You won't see me buy a video card for 1440P over 1800, as a matter of principle.

  7. It's smart.

    By the way, I set a graphical accelerator upgrade threshold just from the NIS 1000 dialing area. In my opinion, 1800 is too expensive for me.

    And so far I've been standing there all these years. Sample collection:

    2013 - HD7950VaporX was used secondhand for NIS 1000

    2016 - R9 390 was used secondhand for NIS 900

    2018 - GTX980Ti was used secondhand for NIS 900

    2018 - GTX1080 was used secondhand for NIS 800

    2019 - GTX1080Ti was used secondhand for NIS 1150

    ** What was before 2013 are purchases of gtx570, hd5830, and more… in just a few hundred shekels.

    It was only in the last five years that I was a little wild and allowed myself to spend more 😎

    Yes I am flowing with you, the same head, the problem that I have blocked - it is mental when it comes to second hand.

    I've shared a past that fortunately, I can purchase through the work time and time certain components to the computer. It costs me plus

    Minus half of what I will pay in KSP for that matter, even less 60%, I have not calculated accurately.

    So because I buy new trunks cheaply, I have some blockage to buy a second-hand video card. I always turn in such cases

    Amazon, or if one of the acquaintances is a friend / brother in the US then I jump at the opportunity. I can't buy screen, hard drive, power supply, etc.

    The way of work is only a subsidized trinity. Unfortunately, AMD is currently not possible at all, so I am in no hurry to replace Trinity though

    That Reisen has long winked at me.

    The 5870VaporX is the card among the best I've ever had. I think I paid a lot for him at the time. ????

    As far as my memory is non-charge, do you have some very advanced Intel processor - something like 7700k or something?

    And an 1070 video card.

    So there is no practical or professional reason for you to upgrade your equipment now,

    And even more so when you are on the 60hz screen size 1080p.

  8. Quote of nec_000

    As far as I can remember, you have a processor Intel Very advanced - something like 7700k or something like that?

    And an 1070 video card.

    So there is no practical or professional reason for you to upgrade your equipment now,

    And even more so when you are on the 60hz screen size 1080p.

    Yes for all the specifications. There is no reason in the world to upgrade. It's a hobby….

  9. By the way, I too, like you, stuck with a mental problem, which just shows that we are all human beings and at the end of the day we are all quite similar.

    But my problem is the opposite - it's a little hard for me to buy something new, in a field where I have (have) much expertise and experience, like in the field of computers.

    I learned that it is possible to buy used and thus save a great deal of the cost of the product, especially on computers where there is no wear and tear like a car for example.

    Because used in electronics, the entire product life is identical to the new one, there is no loss of performance or degradation, unlike a mechanical machine as a vehicle.

    For example, the video card does not get slower over time. Even after years, it still provides the same performance capacity as one for the day

    Get on the road. An electronic chip does not get tired or "get old".


    In the realm of computers, sometimes the used one costs us half again (which is the most expensive cases), and sometimes only a third (or even less) in the cases

    The better ones, and then the celebration is real.

    I enjoy the mental feeling more - I managed to "steal the system" in my psychological concepts and save a lot of money.

    By the way, I read quite a few research sources in the psychological field of consumerism, because quite a few people enjoy exactly the same way

    From a sense of satisfaction to a cheap purchase success, and as much as a cheap one to a new price - the spook is rising.

    Of course in areas where there is no understanding or expertise, or areas such as clothing or textiles, not a used buyer in any way.

    Actually saves used purchases only where they are, or have added value in the purchase process (because of understanding or knowledge),

    Or in areas where the user does not have a "penalty" that he imparts to us versus a new purchase.

    A good example could be a baby crib, which after a few months no longer needs it. It's only temporary.

    So a used buyer and sells it after a few months usually for the same price. This is how the cost came to us (for the duration of the product used), one real zero.

    Another example I discovered in the past two years is cycling. Until then I purchased a new price at a crazy (for my taste) of 4 literature for a couple.

    A good author from the bicycle industry, I learned that the used bicycle market is flooded with goods - sometimes good, but because of great supply and low demand

    In this area, prices in the floor. In fact, many new bike buyers are initially enthusiastic, hardly ever using them once or twice,

    And after that they serve as a clothes hanger. And that's how they find themselves being transferred to the 2 handheld for sale.

    So from that time on I started buying my family used bicycles only and discovered something great:

    For example, the little white I found a bicycle, the news cost around NIS X-Num. But just the same from someone not far from me - X-NUMX minutes drive

    Only, I obtained a pair that was used two seasons and which I purchased in 100 only.

    After all, the child is growing fast and already has to sell them and buy him one more size. I have no doubt that I can probably sell them on 100 as well

    Myself on and roll the amount to his next couple.

    Or my wife, I wanted to buy her a couple for family outings too. Something new is normal rising to Alfia (and up). I found someone who sells his home bike

    A sample of women, good and fairly good rally bikes, at less than a third of a new price. I got a pair from him that didn't seem to ride at all.

    I paid 400 only instead of 1500 for new.

    My wife rides them and enjoys every moment, it's a quality bike. I have no doubt that if I wanted to get rid of them I could get the same back

    The amount paid for them.

    This is one of the benefits of used procurement - in many areas you sell at the same price you bought and thus do not absorb any cost or depreciation on yourself.

    This is one of many (many) methods that may surprise workers, the millionaires. I know that doesn't make any sense, because he is a millionaire - why works

    Save money? It sounds anti-thesis.

    But that's exactly how they work. Research proven across a huge group sampled in research to benefit data generation. 20 year study done

    In the US something academic precedent in this area, there was no more research before it on this topic.

    Most of the millionaires who reach this position of great fortune (meaning millionaires who have accumulated their wealth during their lives alone) are not allowed to inherit it,

    This is not just one of these reasons, and it is wisdom in managing their consumption. The wise management of consumption has taken all these years with piety and rigor,

    This brings the possibility of putting money aside every month, as there is quite a bit of excess cash flow. And so it gradually accumulates.

    How simple and logical, and yet we are all aware that most people do nothing in practice. Too bad.

    Then they ask how it is that they do not finish the month, and how they fear that on the day of retirement there will be nothing to live on.

    Sure, if every month they consume everything they produce, so how exactly do they expect to store something on the side?

    The problem is that the majority of people working with impulses need unplanned, unthinkable, regardless of the long-term timeline what that means.

    The majority lives today and needs even more than they earn, so much so. On loan / credit account - ie on future income account.

    This is another reason I buy used and saves, because I know it brings me rich. But that's just one tier of a wide range of operations.

    So here you and everyone have one more incentive why you should switch to used procurement (where possible) and save, as the contribution to wealth

    Will buy it for us in the distant future.

    Another interesting thing in this context:

    On Ido Marz's blog (for those who know) known as "live", he made an interesting calculation, what would happen if he stopped buying lunch every day

    Working at about NIS X NIS in principle, and will start bringing a sandwich from home. In a thoughtful and computational amusement.

    It is very interesting to know what the impact of his daily lunch at a cost of 40, over working age from 20 to 60 (duration about 40 year).

    He calculated what would happen if he saved that small amount little by little and invested it, and then he would see what the sums were.

    Without mentioning the numbers (read his blog) I can tell the readers that this is a lot. Something that allows for early retirement from work in a significant amount of time.

    So here we have another example of what seems to be a trivial and negligible, all-pervasive 40 lunch every day that someone will hear yes,

    But the amount accumulates after 40 year to something huge and significant.

    ** The same for those who quit smoking daily and save the cost of the cigarette package for NIS 30. Or two packages for 60….

    This saving in consumption should be reflected in a wide range of sections, tens and hundreds of small subsections, each in turn contributing its share

    The small and aggregate of all of them together - accumulating to significant sums. Only when you figure it out neatly does the full picture connect.

    An opposite example of how not to work:

    My childhood friend, CEO of High Tech with a very nice salary of 80 gross per month (around 45 net per month), has no shit on his ass,

    I live in debt and he doesn't even own an apartment even though he is quite old. Neither is such an apartment that he pays a mortgage on (he is still renting).

    He knows that buying everything is always new, not making an account, wanting - buying. Any new toys that intrigued him, no matter how much it cost, wanted? Immediately went to a new barge shop.

    I mean, it's not how much we earn, it doesn't matter at all. High income alone is not the solution. The solution is on the defensive side and not the attack.

    That's how much we spend in relation to how much we earn. Consumption management is the defense. The difference should be positive.

    Used purchasing as mentioned above in this discussion is one of the means to assist in achieving the positive balance in question.

    After all, those who make a million but need a million - stay at the end of the month with zero hoarding.

    And who earns only 20 thousand but my life from 16, hamster at the end of the month 4.

    If he persists in this, and if he invests and returns on the stockpile over the years, then he becomes a millionaire after long enough. More during his own life.

    So don't coch, start getting into used procurement mode, enjoy yourself in this area as well. See every other computer game you enjoy.

    Only this is real life. You will also find it spooked from the very game itself of finding, negotiating, testing, and closing the deal.

    When you succeed with the accumulated experience, the pleasure will increase. trust me. Addicted to it.

  10. Purchased purchasing is in my life, just not currently in hardware. It's possible that at a later age it will change, I never say.

    What I learned from my father from his life experience, regardless of the fact that I chose to study economics as a profession of life, is that it is difficult to quantify everything we

    Consume. Simply put - buy a German drill, learn how to use it properly - it will last you 30-40 a year and you pass it on to your child.

    Cheap purchase of such things, you will replace all 4-5 years. Why did I give this silly example? Because a few weeks ago we went into our house,

    After 5-6 years rented, and it served me .. whole days for everything at home. Then I remembered it ... that she had been my father before I was born.

    In any case, I failed at one goal I set for myself, and succeeded in another goal:

    1. I did not purchase a house before the age of 30 (I'm 33 right away)

    2. I purchased a house (a great house) at the age of 33, with a mortgage of 35% financing. And it was not easy. But now it will be much easier.

    We are quite deviant from the discussion, but I will conclude that if you think about the net money, the used purchase should be the most expensive things in life.

    Car, home, mortgage. If you save there, you save a lot more than other things.

    me, personally Only With used cars, you won't see me buy a new vehicle from the company alive, even if I double my salary.

    I buy accessories (cellphone protector, shoe laces, keychain) or anything like that, exclusively abroad. There are things in the country,

    That importers / stores don't bother me so much .. they are unbearably robbed. Today it can be bypassed by the likes of express leaves and the like.

    Swimsuit ? I'm a simple person.

    Shoes? I invest in shoes that hold (merrel \ tl \ c.piller) and stools for the legs. Instead of buying junk that does damage and change every two years.

    Therefore, consumption is very complex. What seems legitimate to me used after this seems delusional, and a new must.

    If you are looking to save, or steal (really), then it is best to make good sense where the most pain is hit .. Car, Home, Mortgage, Spacecraft / Plane .. In "Parto"

    Of life.

    So in order not to go too far, I will return to the discussion .. :) I think Navi will disappoint. I wish I was wrong.

    I'm going shopping.

  11. 2070 performance at a similar price and with one-year buckets, which is after you implement 7NM and DDR6 memory? Does not bode well ..
    In this movie we have been several times with AMD in recent years. It sounds like a late line alignment. Like the story of RVII vs. 2080.

    Regarding RDNA as this new architecture is blessed, the beginning of a real and necessary direction change.
    And also - it must be taken with limited liability. NAVI Mountains is designed for new generation consoles where AMD is the only player and it is necessary to maintain backward compatibility (and optimization) on consoles. There is a rumor that NAVI will be a mix of 2 architectures, old and new.

  12. Quote of TheHwGeek

    In the meantime Sony Announces that the new PlayStation will be able to run games on 8K too! And by the time it becomes widespread it will support 4K120HZ, so I do not know what Sony And AMD developed all these years.

    What Microsopot will show in E3.

    Optimizing consoles is much better than desktop computers so it's no surprise that they come to such resolutions.

  13. Quote of TheHwGeek

    In the meantime Sony Announces that the new PlayStation will be able to Run games also at 8K! And by the time it becomes widespread it will support 4K120HZ, so I do not know what Sony And AMD developed all these years.

    What Microsopot will show in E3.

    Quote of k534d

    Optimizing consoles is much better Than on desktop computers so it's no surprise that they come to such resolutions.

    hook… :D

    I can not believe that you are swallowing the PR bullshit Sony is giving you.

    Come on ... it looks like a console at 500 $ will give you a gaming experience at Fucking 8K : s07:

    What you get is smudging pixel squares (called impressive checkerboard rendering) from 1440-1880P to 8K in 30FPS barely.

    And for console optimization, this is another way to let you think the console is special.

    What they actually do is compromise on the Medium High settings compared to the PC.

    It amazes me that people think that the next generation PS5, XBOX2 at 500 $ will give them the performance of a PC with an 2080 RTX card.

    You did not learn from the powerful XBOX X console that is unable to run 1080P 60 FPS.

    There is a rumor that even the new HALO is unable to run.

  14. Of course I do not believe it, but there is no smoke without fire and if they are interested in 8K then it shows that at least steady 4K60HZ should get, and it already shows that there is meat for NAVI that Sony chose to use.

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