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Asrock's new board is trying to bring the 3.1 USB to the masses

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new competitive motherboard offers a pair of connections 2, at a price that does not rip the pocket

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This will probably happen in the next generation, but in the meantime, unfortunately, there is still no built-in support In the new USB 3.1 standard, Which is supposed to offer much needed modernization to connect the most popular computer world, not in Intel products and not in the products of Intel - Which means that any combination of them with one or the other comes from dedicated third-party chipsets, which usually "inflates" the hardware price significantly.

Those who claim to change the trend somewhat is Asrock Corporation, Which now displays a new motherboard for The Skylake processors Based on Intel 's Z170 chipset And includes the 3.1 speakers, next to a relatively modest price tag.


The Z170A-X1 / 3.1 board supports the LGA 1151 socket processors with four DIMM slots with maximum 64GB support and up to 3,400MT / s, one PCI-Express 3.0 X16 slot that is routed directly to the processor, another PCI-Express 3.0 X16 slot Has a physical interface of X4 bandwidth channeled to the PCH controller, three PCI-Express 3.0 X1 connections for expansion cards, an I219V-based Giagbit Ethernet connection , Built-in 7.1 audio channels based on Realtek's ALC892 codec and eight connections 3.0 and six 3 SATA connections. The compact M.2 slot is not here, by the way.


Above all, the highlight is a pair of USB connections in the new 3.1 standard (based on ASMedia ASM1142 chip) which can operate At speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second - One of them in the old and familiar Type A configuration, and the other in the more symmetrical and compact Type C configuration that is gaining momentum lately.


The Z170A-X1 / 3.1 should cost less than $ 100, which may translate into a price in the region of about NIS 500 in the Israeli market - meaning somewhere among the cheapest Z170 boards, offering the important bonus of connections More up-to-date. Worth it, or not really?


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  1. If the motherboard supports the new hardware devices and there is a pair of USB connections in the new 3.1 standard,
    At least one M.2 slot is also required.

    If I invest more for USB3.1 I will invest a little more for M.2

  2. I wonder what's going on with e2200's motherboards and some better ones than what we sell on Ibori and QS. Dear gamers on a good computer track that runs games don't need i7 on your computer stop wasting money and maybe you will end up in the country a little more hardware worth nothing !!! Wait for the 2016 Don't buy anything and everything is a nuisance right now

  3. There are still expensive products like SSD that do not take advantage of the USB 2 3 connection so a new one that still does not support and everything can change no thanks in the meantime

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