Cooler Master's updated cooling products

The well-known Taiwanese actress continues to expand her offerings in the field - with style and lots of color

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The Air Coolers and Water Coolers from the Cooler Master are highly regarded, and in 2019 we will see several new and up-to-date models for the various categories that will strive to maintain this reputation.

The company's new closed-loop water cooling system will receive the name MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage, with a radiator consisting of two 120 millimeters of course and a semi-transparent pump that will allow users to see the flow of coolant from the video card or processor and the radiator - Controlled, both on the fans and on the pump itself, so that there is no part of the system left behind and does not participate in the graceful disco. The cooling will be available for purchase starting March, at a recommended cost of 140 dollars.

Water is particularly impressive - at least for those who need maximum lights in their system

We have received the latest MasterAir MA610M with a single 120 millimeter fan located between two arrays of large aluminum fins and six copper conductors for heat conduction, all in a black envelope with a built-in colored light and controlled for an elegant and sleek look. The MA610M will land in stores in May with compatibility to all the latest residency in the market except TR4 , With the cost of 90 dollars.

If this model feels familiar to you, you are not alone - it is a design very similar to the Wraith Ripper (manufactured by Collar Master itself) Offers with its processors For the rest of the desktop processors except for the popular HEDT family from the red chip developer

For compact systems with height or weight limits for the curvatures that can be combined, the Master Collar will offer the funky round G100M v2 which now has more cooling surface area (compared to the first generation G100M) and more controlled illumination both in the fan itself and in the ring around its frame. The maximum heat dissipation potential at a minimum height is also the square G300P, which includes an aluminum rib cage, an 92 millimeter fan and naturally colored illumination of a maximum height of less than 40 millimeters. Quite impressive.

The "flying craft" will come back to us in an improved version - with a price tag of $ 50

For those wishing to upgrade the general air circulation in their package, they can choose the new SF Series MasterFan fans with a massive black plastic frame designed to minimize vibration and possible loosening as they rotate. The ventilators will be available in 120 millimeters with a standard or controlled ARGB version in a reinforced SF120M version that is designed to offer maximum air flow at the same minimum noise level and even a dual SF240P version that will include no less than 52 built-in LEDs capable of displaying 16.7. Available next month, and the price - starting at $ 20. A pleasant upgrade!

A pair of fans together - based on a single cable for the power supply and a single cable added to control the illumination