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Dell's new mobile: six cores and up to 30 hours of work

The new Latitude 9510 model will be available in classic or 360 degree hybrid configuration of your choice - and there is also a modem Built-in that can be added

Alongside particularly large screens, Del CES has also revealed its vision for a new generation of computers on the occasion of the CES exhibition The corporate world - with an almost unimaginable number of possible add-ons designed to fit as many descriptors and users across the globe.

The Latitude 9510 in 2020 will offer a 15-inch screen (in the body of the Average with a 14.1-inch screen at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels, with an average brightness of 400 Nits and 100 percent coverage of the color gamut of the sRGB standard - with a "traditional" non-contact version and with a 360 ° rotation-mounted version, an interface panel Touch (including a dedicated pen to be marketed individually) and a protective protective type 6.

Two major configurations to choose from - and countless hardware and software add-ons in the field of highly advanced customization

In the processing section, you will find the Comet Lake-U generation processors on mobile devices , With four or six physical processing cores and with or without the support of vPro technologies that provide additional network management capabilities for positions that can be highly relevant in large organizations that provide mobile to their employees - combined with up to 16GB of LPDDR3 economical but veteran and drives In a compact 2230 configuration with maximum terabytes of volume and with the option to select fully supported encryption (SED) units.

The latest mobile family will enjoy support for Wi-Fi 6 (or 802.11ax) dual channel connectivity, system 10 in Home or Pro version, a handsome four-speaker and four microphone audio array, a pair of connectors 3 With back support of USB Type-C interfaces of course, full size HDMI 2.0 port, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, microSD card slot - and choice between The standard 52-watt-hour supports fast charging for a massive 88-watt-hour battery that should provide up to 30 hours of work without a power source.

The Latitude 9510 does not look bad at all, with a gray metallic casing up to 17 millimeters thick at its thickest point and weighing 1.5 kilograms or slightly less depending on the selected internal spec Photo: HWzone

Not impressive enough for you? The Latitude 9510 is available with Qualcomm built-in cellular data from either 4G or 5G technology, based on a physical SIM card or virtual eSIM, with a proximity sensor and infrared sensors for interior technology Hello, with a physical smart card reader, with a fingerprint scanner built in the power button, with a card reader Interface And with a hardware TPM 2.0 unit for secure encryption keys and digital certificates. Everything you could ask for, we already said?

Built-in 5G versions will only be available in July - while Ubuntu versions will replace the Will arrive in May Photo: HWzone

The Latitude 9510 is scheduled to arrive in stores during March 2020, with price tags starting at $ 1,800 for both the classic and the touchscreen version - with units expected to improve with some of the other hardware and software capabilities we discussed in paragraphs The previous ones will jump the price up significantly.


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  1. Still waiting for latitude with ice lake
    Even on the company site they are still with 8th generation processors

  2. I understand that Series 7 failed to extort money over the years that Series 9 needed? To look for. I'll continue with Thinkpad for now

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