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The new device that wants to make power supplies smaller and more efficient

The new ATX12VO standard transfers some of the power supply responsibilities of computer systems to built-in motherboard components - which is something that should be better for everyone

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For many years, home power supplies have provided the motherboards with positive and negative voltages of 3.3V, 5V and 12V DC power from the input of the 110V to 240V power supply. Exchange (AC) - When this requirement for three conversion levels and supplies dictated the type and quantity of connectors that characterize the products as well as their physical dimensions. Soon, we may see a small, rare revolution in this area that can make the familiar metal blocks simpler and more winky.

The first version to fix called ATX12VO has arrivedWith the goal of making power supplies much simpler thanks to the focus on delivering as efficient and stable power as possible on a 12-volt track only, which uses most of the core hardware components of a modern computer system, with the responsibility for converting 12-volt power into lower voltages (mainly used for drives). Mechanical, fans, and sensors) will be transferred to built-in components on the motherboard itself.

A new modern connection was born - and there will also be the option of adding a secondary 4PIN connection for another 12 volt rail in the system

If this standard is adopted by most power supply manufacturers and downstream motherboards, we can see much more compact power supplies, with fewer fixed or modular connectors - and with a new compact 10PIN connector instead of the massive 24-pin mains for motherboards that make cable arrangements difficult. . The ATX12VO should have a negligible impact on the price of motherboards, along with the potential to reduce, improve efficiency and improve power supply cooling - with less cable and smaller size giving the enclosure manufacturers a wider range of unique designs and designs.

Next generation power supplies will be much more modest than they are today?

This whole concept sounds great to us - now it is left to wonder how long it will be before we can begin to see changes in this traditional product category, if any.

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