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The new HWzone - it happens

Hello all site users and members of our community,

As you can probably see, you are now browsing another HWzone, a different HWzone, not the HWzone you have known to date. In fact you are now browsing the site Completely new, which is the fruit of almost two years of strenuous work, which included upgrades in all parts of the site - the design, servers, website engine and many sections. The new HWzone is a faster, more convenient site for surfers, more designed and fuller.

At the same time, this week HWzone 8 is celebrating its opening to the public, and what gift is a more beautiful gift to the site Than upgrading and renewing. In fact, this is the biggest upgrade we have made since it opened, and we have invested much thought in characterizing the new sections, designing, thinking about the convenience of the surfers and choosing the emphasis on the site.

Since its opening on 2001, HWzone has become the home of thousands of surfers in Israel with more than 55,000 members in our community. Therefore, it was important for us to improve and upgrade the site, which is why we chose to share dozens of surfers in the upgrade process, and to receive feedback throughout the long journey.

In the new HWzone you will find all the sections you have become accustomed to, which existed to this day. Some have been upgraded, added options and some order - but all sections are still here. Of course we have also added new corners along with the renewal, and more additions will come in the future…

  • Recommended specifications section - Discussing about a new computer? Want to upgrade your computer but don't know what to buy? The recommended specifications section comes to answer these questions exactly and help those who do not know what to ask the seller in the store, to make the most of their money. The section, which has undergone a massive upgrade, now offers a particularly convenient interface for sorting by budget, usage and package details required. Of course, for targeted and personal help, you are always welcome to use Forum recommendations recommendations our. So the next time your aunt or boyfriend asks you to help them buy a computer - simply refer them to our recommended specifications section to choose the one that best suits their needs.
  • Second hand panel for computer and technology parts - Our TradeZone section has undergone minor improvements - and since we launched it, it has been able to replace quite a few products. We invite everyone to look for and find what they need in our take-away market, and of course also advertise and sell what they no longer need ...
  • Jobs section - Our required section, in collaboration with a website AllJobs, Has undergone a massive upgrade to the new site, and now you can find articles on employment, wages and other things alongside the ads for technological positions.
  • Download area - Our DLzone section has been refreshed, and along with a new section manager you will find quite a few files and software that you will need for maintenance and repair of your computer or after reinstalling the operating system.
  • Modding Gallery And the rush pool Our - Our gallery and OCDB repository have also been upgraded, and now they are better connected with our forum, and you can publish your projects more easily ..

It's already here

At the site, the site has a long period of work, and here is the place to say thank you to everyone who did the work. To all section managers who assisted in characterization, the team members who helped test the site before the aliyah and anyone who helped with ideas, reactions and feedback. This is also the place to say thank you to all the team members, content writers, forum managers, community experts and team managers who spend many hours every day to bring HWzone to where it stands today.

We would appreciate your feedback on the new site, design, sections, questions about usage and any response, with the help of Contact page our.

Fun surfing!


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  1. Well done and renewed
    Something in the colors needs some getting used to (especially on the forum pages) but this is obviously a good progress.

  2. You are great
    Well done and good luck. (:
    The site looks great, it will take some time to get used to but it is a refreshing piece of change.

    Good job.

  3. Congratulations to the 1 Computer Forum in Israel
    Wish staff and surfers continue to enjoy the quality community here.

  4. Wow resume
    I wanted to say first thing to resume and happy birthday to the XD site
    Great job the new look really good and beautiful
    Thank you for your work and good luck in the future

  5. Renewing looks great
    The design upgrade looks great, I was really wondering when to replace the 90 design :)

    Renew! The site looks great.

  6. Good hour! Congratulations!
    Congratulations on the new site.
    I was really wondering when the new design would come.

    At the moment everything seems fine, except for the appalling slowness that will probably pass soon.

  7. Hip hip, hurray!
    Congratulations, even though the design requires some practice, will be good.
    ["Hip", "Hip"]

  8. Well done! Congratulations!
    The site looks much better and innovative according to our content and keep it up!

  9. Really the site is very pretty though
    It does not work so well with Firefox and so it turns out that on all the left side you only see half of what is written including "search"…. So if you just do it, it would be perfect!

  10. Congratulations
    Only that he's moving slower at the moment, probably will work out
    The cute design.

  11. What about the forum system?
    I also think it needs an upgrade ...
    There are much more advanced tools today.

    Great upgrade, congratulations and good luck!

  12. Congratulations
    Congratulations to all of us, I have been a frequent visitor to this site for a good few years and have enjoyed every moment.

    thank you and good luck ;)

  13. Congratulations… .but
    Congratulations and good luck on investing!
    Willing to learn to enjoy the new design, although in my previous opinion it was excellent - the fearless change note, believe me.
    And most of all it seems a little problematic, is the speed of access to the site and its content.
    Hope these are ropes of birth, and later, I hope, that it will improve.
    Anyway, from Brock.

  14. I must point out that the design
    The former is more beautiful
    It's a shame you don't have a system change to the taste of the user like lazy! Really unfortunate!

  15. Congratulations!
    Congratulations and many blessings on the occasion of the new site !!!

    The site looks great !!!

  16. Congratulations. A refreshing and successful innovation
    You did a very good job. my congratulations.

  17. Congratulations and well done!
    The improvements and upgrades are not at all significant, and thank you to everyone who took part in the hard work

  18. Congratulations
    Lucky fly in honor of 8 years of extensive activity and also well done to you for the beautiful and invested work.

  19. Good luck!
    Well done, resume. All shows have to be found now.
    And for the way to have a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

  20. It is indeed time, looks great
    Glad the site has moved. It's time for that.
    Good to update the specs section too.
    Regarding the speed ... Unfortunately not noticeable.

    Get inhaled for all those engaged in the craft.


  21. First of all, congratulations
    Just a question Cante I with 5MBPS of Orange is browsing with CHROME and only the site is significantly slower than ever?

  22. well done
    About the new site and good luck on the birthday.
    Of course thank you very much for the help I have received here several times :-)

  23. Too bad!
    The previous design matters much more convenient and fast
    While this design is more beautiful, it is not the most comfortable and slow in things that are important to me
    Pay attention and correct!
    And good luck 8 years it is very well respected in the following:]

  24. Congratulations
    I remember the days of Genesis, the disorders, the difficulties, and the wars at the other site ..

  25. Well done - more beautiful and comfortable + question
    Usually I read the latest news from igoogle. Apparently since the renewed site it is not updated there. Is there any service to return it?

    Thank you very much for everything.

  26. I agree with 62, and want to add more ..
    I agree with 62 about the slower speed of browsing the site, and would like to add more:

    Some of the features on the site cannot be reasonably used because they are obtained in Gibrish, such as:
    1. HWzone Monitor
    2. Contacting a seller / buyer at Trade Zone is no longer possible because the menu of contacting in Gibrish and if you already send a message it arrives in Gibrish.

    An entirely different thing is the amount of advertisements and / or more correctly their size and the amount of dispersion at the same time you are on the screen, so that the article and / or any other posting on the site can not be conveniently read.
    In the end, all these are really damaging to the quality of editing that the site administrators / editors wanted to bring us. I am definitely interpreting and saying well done about the investment, but at the same time Rennie must bring your attention to all of the above.

  27. Multiple advertisements
    As I have already written (probably not yet published.) There are many eye-catching advertisements when reading the articles.
    So note, the advertisements are shaking and changing all the time, in 4 places on the page:
    One inside the story, one right next to the story, and two other places - one on the right of the story and one on the left.

    So, like that, I have nothing to do with advertising on the site, and it is good that the site will make money to fund its activities for us, but you can definitely check it out.

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