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The new micro USB standard will enter any mode

You tried to connect For the first time? The Standard The new launch this year will solve the problem

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Good news for all the frustrated - this year is expected to enter micro standard New 3.1 standard to the market, which will solve at least the problem of third attempt at the connection .

Fix a new USB way, We already know that. It has recently been announced that the device will receive a new physical connection as part of the launch. This connection will replace the micro USB connection we know on cell phones and tablets such as the Galaxy family of devices .

For those who wonder about the essence of the frustration in the third attempt (if any), it is due to the small binding envelope. There is one way to make the connection and both sides look alike. With a brief look at the device socket and the connection can be connected quickly, but some prefer to give up this time-wasting operation.

This is how the tiny connection will appear, according to the maker of the Foxconn plates. Currently it is not yet known which devices it will be embedded in or even when it will be launched but it is expected to be widely used such as the micro connection Which exists today.

To our regret, The standard that we have known for years on desktop and mobile computers will also remain with us in the 3.1 generation so that at least on this side of the cable - first-time connection attempts are still likely to become frustrating among many.

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