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New Mobile Clothes: AMD introduces additional Navi models to laptops

Rumors of the existence of the The RX 5300M turns out to be real - and there is also a pair of models Pro starring on Apple's fresh mobile

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With the announcement of MacBook Pro 16 mobile We were exposed to the existence of a new AMD graphics card pair The latest Navi section, And exclusive to Apple's best-in-class products: the Pro 5300M and the Pro 5500M, joining the RX 5500M announced a few weeks ago and has since had a partial premiere on Alpha 15's mobile .

Alongside this announcement, at Decided to reveal the RX 5300M designed for non-PC manufacturers - And so we already have four models Different in the mobile market, with similar technical specifications but nonetheless different, in a way that may seem puzzling and unexpected.

Apple's graphical units enjoy a much lower declared power than the RX 5500M - and that of the RX 5300M

The Radeon Pro 5500M model is the only one in mobile right now that includes a fully active Navi 14 core, with 1,536 processing units and a full 128 bit memory controller combined with XDRNXGB or XDRNGB of GDDR4 for user selection. However, it is not certain that it will be the most powerful mobile model - this is because this unit seems to settle for a somewhat modest 8GHz operating frequency and relatively modest 6Gbps dynamic memory per bit in the interface (effective 1.3 gigabit bandwidth per second). Apple and Collaborate to create a product with optimum efficiency - which is something that is usually expressed with lower than usual work frequencies, with the addition of core units designed to compensate for this in terms of capabilities.

Model Pro 5300M is the smallest model in the family in terms of its number of processing units - it is still the Navi 14 core, but with only 1,280 active units, at maximum 1.25GHz operating frequency and with the same 128 bit memory controller plus 4GB or XDRN GDPR8 volume. Apple claims tens of percent improvement over the Pro 555X and the Pro 560X of the previous generation MacBook Pro also with the Pro 5300M, which is the default in the fresh generation - will be very interesting to test these statements and numbers in practical tests soon.

The first mobile model in the era It has not been exceptionally popular so far - but we hope that it will change in the near future, and will significantly increase the competitiveness of gaming gaming for the mainstream market

For dessert, RX 5300M is a model that has the same amount of active processing units of the RX 5500M Already Launched: 1,408 Cores, Maximum 1,445MHz Frequency (Compared to 1,645MHz on RX 5500M) and Combined with 96 Bit Memory Controller with XDRUMXGB of GDDR3 Memory 6 gigabytes per second. This model should be more powerful than Pro 5300M in any action - and it will be more interesting to find out how to deal with the Pro 5500M battle between volume Dynamic is magnified to an increased frequency of operation, with the theoretical performance of the two being almost identical.

Highly Promising Performance - Compared to Apple's Previous Products and Comparison to Modern Mobile Turing Products . We hope to know more and get more practical illustrations as soon as possible

What other models of Navi architecture do we have , The mobile market and the stationary market? Let's hope to find out soon.


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