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The new style of ADATA: Memory with built-in water cooling

We took a ride Absolutely special - XPG D80 has different aesthetic characteristics than the rest

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For the past three years, the desktop market has changed to a new fashion. Plastic and Perplex is not enough - the user wants a computer that will not only be strong but will also look good. It began In cases with glass doors, he continued with fans containing colored LEDs and light bulbs, and today RGB is simply found in every possible hardware component. Even my drives Some today there are colored lights.

The product in this review we have seen Already at the CES exhibition in January. The prototype seemed a bit odd and intriguing but not very nice and did not attract too much attention. Now, the advanced memory is well dressed and as a finished product lands in markets all over the world.

Introducing XPG D80 - the liquid-cooled memory

there are A large number of models This memory is DDR4. It comes in a dual channel (two sticks) or a square channel for Intel's super-. The model we received for the review contains two sticks, each with an 8GB volume and a speed of 3600Mhz. This speed is considered too fast for most platforms And therefore it is possible to consider the evaluation as being suitable mainly for Intel.

The memory timings are CL17-18-18-39. These are fairly reasonable timing, as a large part of existing 3600Mhz systems come with CL18-18-18-40 timings and north of it. It is also very important to note that ADATA makes use of the most advanced memory components on the market here known as B-die's . These are the chips that are capable of reaching peak speeds and manufacturers choose them only for the most advanced systems. These chips are relatively compact and in practice they are printed only on one side of each stick .

The heat sink of this memory consists of aluminum on its sides in the shape of a fan. The upper part contains liquid. The same fluid exists in a beautiful quantity in the translucent capsule at the top of the memory. Below this capsule there is a series of colored LEDs that you will see in action later on. ADATA does not specifically specify what liquid This is, but if I have to guess, it is probably a liquid similar to M3's Novec. It is a transparent vegetable oil. It does not conduct electricity but also conducts heat.

The memory bulbs can be controlled by software to control the bulbs of their motherboards , Asus and.

Our test system

  • Core i7 8700K 3.7Ghz
  • Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming
  • ADATA SP610 512GB SSD

A few tests before - Here's the D80 in a fashion show.

Here are some more Stills from the testing system:

This is definitely a unique memory in his appearance. Light through the special liquid gives a different aesthetic than what we usually see from different memory producers. Highly recommended for those who want more vibrant colors.

Performance Tests - Fast vs. Slow

Here are some of our performance tests for this memory. We compared the speed with which it reaches others and is more standard in the market.

Click to increase
Click to increase

These are the two profiles built into the memory in question. One includes 3600Mhz running speed and the other 2667Mhz with appropriate values. The AIDA64 memory performance test shows the speed differences between these two modes. Speed ​​read speed is 50GB versus 37GB "only" in 2667Mhz mode. Processor and memory access time is 49 nanoseconds in fast mode and 53.7 nanoseconds in slower mode.

For comparison, this seems to be memory At a basic speed of 2133Mhz and completely CL15-15-15-35 timings. The read speed decreases to 31GB per second and access time increases to 61.4 nanoseconds.

Winrar's built-in compression test is excellent for visualizing differences in speed between And different memories. The next test is actually a game running on the built-in graphics core of the CPU, i7 8700K.

Out of curiosity I ran this test. This test includes running the game V on minimum settings at FullHD resolution. I have to admit in general that I am surprised by the amazing level of optimization they have done to the game. The image quality is slightly lower than what you will see on the console 4 (but higher than 3, it is important to note) but the game is quite worn without using an external video card at all.

עם It's certainly quick that the experience has improved for the better. I'm not expecting anyone to run a system with such advanced memories and no video card, but it's an experiment I've wanted to do for a long time and share with you. Of course, when you trust your faithful, there will be more serious structured graphics chip-based systems - the subject will be re-examined in depth.

In conclusion

It is clear that the emphasis in this series of memory is the special aesthetic. The D80 is a kit for connoisseurs who want beauty alongside speed with select chips that can be even faster, Super-advanced, although not necessarily needed but good to have, The Witches.

The cost is not particularly cheap compared to sticks Normal but lower than the competition. With similar characteristics at the speed of competing companies such as the Trident-Z Will cost you about $ 255. Evaluation of Is priced at only $ 235. Thus, you pay on similar hardware, with a slightly different price and lower appearance. Not bad, not bad at all.

computer memory - XPG SPECTRIX D80 3600Mhz

Remember these medals? We decided that they would make a comeback. We like some color in our awards and these great heritage medallions with a variety of products. We will happily commemorate this award with our recommended star. The memory kit recommendation spectrum is for those who want a combination of speed, design, and capabilities Potential. If you are a nod to these three - you have our recommendation.


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