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The new Corsair suppliers team, the RM Series

Hardware giant Corsair Has unveiled a series of modular suppliers with high efficiency and exemplary quiet
God-RM Corsair is no longer a series of suppliers, the new series is designed to replace the series of -TX And to settle somewhere between the existing series,HX And the Corsair series.AXI Maintains the clean and solid look of its suppliers who always broadcast quality and good construction.

The " RMIncludes about six vendors with the weakest 450 Wat while the strongest in the group will provide 1000 Watt, highly efficient suppliers (excellent for power savings), boast a power efficiency standard 80 Plus Gold and fan holders 135 A millimeter with a hybrid fan profile option that runs above a certain percentage of use and effort. For this technology, Corsair calls it "ZeroRPM Fan ModeThe profile should provide quiet silence and if that is not sufficiently integrated Option to connect power to the board using a cable that will provide us with power monitoring options via software.

The customer market of these suppliers will probably be the market for hardware enthusiasts with the demand for beauty, aesthetics, quiet and quality of construction, all of which can receive one amazing doubt. As well as a fully modular power supply and thin black cables that will give you the clean and neat look you have sought while controlling efficient cable routing in the package. The shape of the power has been slightly changed and its corners have been rounded up to get a more innovative and beautiful look.

The six stars will reach the power supply of 450 Watts, 550 Watts, 650 Watts, 750 Watts, 850 Watts, and 1000 Watts and will be available as early as the end of October.

Be patient with hardware enthusiasts, if you choose to renew with a quality and quiet supplier in the near future, you can take the series that will come out as an option. Considering the prices listed in Tabla, the power supply of 750 watts is expected to be quite profitable.


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  1. Is it a size 140MM?
    I have the TX650M which is 140mm, because I didn't see that you mentioned it in the article;)

  2. The market has better suppliers
    The standard of 80 Plus Platinum and even the standard of 80 Plus Titanium, so why not save more.

  3. It looks like a subsidized article "All in One Amazing Question"
    What an exaggeration, nothing in seasonic X or quiet L9. Even the exaggeration of "incredible efficiency" ... who will hear gold is no longer uncommon today

  4. To 3,4,5 - Say from which star you fell?
    Do you notice these price tags is that you are just in a hurry to write down nonsense and try to come out smart?

    750W RM is priced at 130 USD when X750 GOLD costs 150 USD. Check before responding.

  5. For the smart 6, prices in the US do not cross with prices in the country.
    Probably not a corsair because the importer is priced higher than a model for the same market segment.

    however, nothing justifies the flattering headlines "Amazing Supplier"! Who cares, just another dubious supplier with the annoying - not really quiet - fan of the corsair they also put in their sp120 series.

    As a better hardware site you would end up with really good companies like be quiet and help them find an importer in the country, and we will all make a profit.

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