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The next generation of RAM is cost-effective way

Elpida begins to provide examples of LPDDR3 and Wide IO memories designed for smartphones, And the like

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Many people will argue that the memory of LPDDR2 in the volume of 1GB (what you will find on the first-class ultra-portable devices) is enough for all או As it is, but do not think it means that the various manufacturers do not work on more innovations and refinements at full speed.

The Japanese Elpida Announces Now that you have sent samples of the Her new:
The LPDDR3 memories are an upgraded version of The current LPDDR2, which manages to maintain the economical line with 1.2 volt voltage and reduced 30 nm production process, also offers up to 1,600MHz up to 6.4GBps.

The Wide IO memories (also produced in the 30 nm process) are probably the most interesting and promising of the two - as can be inferred from their name, These are not trying to increase the speed using a higher frequency, but with the help of wider.
The Wide IOs offer an I / O width of no less than 512 bit, compared to only 32 bit width in "regular" LPDDR memories, allowing them to reach an impressive maximum speed of up to 12.8GBps using a minimum frequency of 200MHz.
The result is not only extremely high speed, but saving up to 50 percent of power consumption compared to average LPDDR2 memories. In the market where my life is They are the biggest concern of all - it is definitely a significant improvement.

The first samples shipped are 4 Gigabit, with Elpida planning to start mass production during the year 2012 and offer chips in the volumes of 8 Gigabit and 16 Gigabit, which will make 4GB RAM volumes for tablets or even Reality.

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