Networked: AMD's Ryzen 3200G and Ryzen 3400G processors • HWzone

Networked: AMD's Ryzen 3200G and Ryzen 3400G processors

New and slightly enhanced APU models will soon become official

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The information about the different desktop models They continue to reach us, The many 2 that we expect without the graphical cores built into them - we also get the second generation of APU models as they have built-in graphing capabilities.

Details and documentation about the Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G came to us from the Chinese site Chiphell, Up to 4.3GHz and 4.25GHz frequencies respectively, while demonstrating that the new models will have internal recovery in thermal material, instead of standard thermal ointment and the current APU models of the company.

The hard-working leaker destroyed one of his processors as he tried to separate the chip from the metal cover he was protecting - but in this way he found out about the use of thermal soldering instead of ointment, even before the official announcement came

Use of cores Plus more efficiency in 12 nm manufacturing process (yes, this time too, APU models will join mobile models and lag one tech generation after desktop Ryzen models without graphical cores) along with improved soldering method should make the new generation more economical - with operation frequencies Enhanced for both the general processing cores and the graphical cores of the type 8 in 3200G and type 11 in 3400G.

We also received data on the maximum rushing potential - and even handwritten

We won't see a huge improvement here as in the move from Zen Plus to Zen 2 - but there is definitely potential for improved performance under the same price levels of 160 Dollar Butter for better competition than ever for the various Core i3 processors of . Who knows, maybe with a bit of luck, we'll even see a launch at lower recommended price tags that will make the whole thing a little more wrenching.

Will these APU models also be displayed on the 27 in May, 2? Soon we'll know


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