The next generation of the Thunderbolt connection has been exposed to HWzone

The next generation of the Thunderbolt connection was exposed

Intel Announces Next Generation Connection Will be faster than the current generation 2 and will support the transfer of 4K content

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two years ago The Thunderbolt connection was displayed של And impressed us with the 10 Gigabit transfer speed in any direction. Despite the fact that from that time on, especially the company Included this connection in the number of Mac products, it has not yet been a great success as it was not a popular connection that was widely used in the market.

even though, Determined to incorporate this more powerful device into the market. At the NAB conference held a few days ago in Las Vegas, it announced the next generation of the ". In order to be more popular and popular than the first generation, the company doubled its transmission speed to 20 gigabytes in any direction - according to the previous generation 2. In addition, it announced that the restraint would be thinner and more convenient and would issue additional licenses and be more supportive.

Intel has announced that beyond the fact that the connection will support Thunderbolt's previous (current) generation, it will be able to transmit and transmit content at 4K resolution (also known as UHD-resolution 3840 on 2160 pixels) without difficulty. The company also announced that the Thunderbolt solution is the fastest solution for external storage for home use. You can see the following sample measurement of the data transfer speed of the connection after it has been connected to several devices .

This is definitely a leap from the current devices so that even faster external storage (including RAID 0 arrays) will not be limited to transfer speed from the connection. It seems that Intel is making an effort to get the " For more common use in the company and we only hope that the connection will indeed be available on more devices and without a significant (if any) increase in price.


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  1. Investing?
    That you invest money instead of effort.
    I can count on one hand the motherboards that include the connection.

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