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The next middle market champion? AMD will soon unveil the Radeon R9 380X card

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While we eagerly await the arrival of AMD's new dual-core graphics cards and high-, And at the same time begin to look at the next generation of Arctic Islands and - shows that there are several other interesting models that are in the making, and will provide us with an answer during this transitional period.

According to network reports, AMD is currently working on the latest preparations of the Radeon R9 380X card, which is designed to replace the popular R9 285 and bridge the considerable price gap between the Radeon R9 380 and Radeon R9 390, which can not be addressed In the new generation So far.

The new card will be based on the full core of Antigua XT (which is actually the Tonga core in a new name), with 2,048 processing units in the latest GCN 1.2 architecture, combined with 128, texture units and 32 units, Graphical type Generous volume of 4GB, with 256 bit interface.

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With an estimated operating frequency of 1GHz to 1.1GHz for the core and an effective frequency between 5.5GHz and 6GHz for graphics memory, the Radeon R9 380X will provide a little more than 4TeraFLOPS of processing capabilities at its peak, and this will likely make it a competitive intermediate market solution - That the most similar thing The offer is a GeForce GTX 960 card in versions with 4GB 's (Which will reportedly become the only official version, in response to R9 380X).

The new model should be officially presented at 15 in November, and together with the new Crimson driver, which promises to provide us with significant improvements towards the end of the month, is we finally getting a big, and very worthwhile, line from AMD? We'll hold our fingers to it.

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