NVIDIA's monstrous core, today also with video cards

More than half a year after we saw her starring as models of the E- - The advanced GP100 core is also available on the cards Expensive and prestigious

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NVIDIA unquestionably controls the top performance in the home and professional market today, and what is even more impressive is that it did so without using GP100, its most powerful and advanced core ever, In April 2016 - but only for the family of products - Which are designed for high-performance processing on servers and computers, and not for use as graphics cards.

Now the situation is changing, as the chip developer decides to add to the E- The GP100, which has all its secrets, will be the first and only graphics card in the meantime, based on the most advanced core, with 3,584 units, and especially a significantly larger number of 64 bit processing units that will allow it to reach For maximum performance with exactly double that of the standard accuracy performance, and not only 3 percent of them as in the other processing core.

New microsoft office card The professionals are officially exposed, with a four-port connection system Full-size 1.4 and a single Dual-Link DVI for back-up support

The Quadro GP100 is very similar to the Tesla P100 model launched last year, with no less than 16 GB of highly advanced HBM2 graphics memory, delivering a huge effective bandwidth of 720 / Gbps per core The processing itself, along with a maximum working frequency of the 1,430MHz core and a power envelope of 235W, allows the model to rely on Standard air that occupies two slots in the system.

It is worth noting that the new model is not really intended and will not be suitable for all professional consumers - only those who specifically need to have a very large FP64 performance and very large bandwidths for local memory. Even those who need FP32 and FP16 performance will get a lot of them GP100, but for them the P6000, which was launched a few months ago, will be even more suitable, with a complete GP102 core that includes 3,840 CUDA units, 32 bit performance and 16 bit accuracy, GP100, at a price that will probably also be slightly cheaper.

The new card is equipped with two dedicated NVLINK connectors for transmitting information at extremely fast rates between up to three cards in the array - for applications where precise coordination is required between the processing units

We still do not know for sure how much pleasure the new model will use to get unprecedented processing capabilities, but estimates are that it will be more than 5,000. Ouch.

The Quadro GP100, and virtually any GP100-based product, is not particularly relevant to gamers in the home market, but the fact that the production volumes at TSMC and SK Hynix allow NVIDIA to launch additional models based on the massive and advanced core and memories The innovative HBM2 also strengthens the likelihood that new and advanced home GeForce models will be introduced in the near future - such as The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with the GP102 core, To which we have been waiting impatiently since the middle of last year.

NVIDIA's updated capabilities and scalability

The dreaded Quadro GP100 was launched as part of a large-scale upgrade of its workstation products As well as new, more popular models based on GP106, GP107 and GP104 cores of the new Pascal generation - from the Quadro P4000, which doubles the maximum performance of the M4000 it is replacing, through Quadro P2000 will offer an interface Strange and unusual with bandwidth of 160 bit and general volume of 5 GB, P400 and P600 which include a small amount of 256 and 384 processing units respectively, and maximum power consumption of 30 watts and 40 watts.

The Quadro- In a full family photo - there is a proposal for almost every consumer and at any price level you can imagine

We continue to wait impatiently for new Pascal models To the home market, in the hope that the current launches indicate that there are more surprises in the pipeline for the coming period.