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NVME drives do not stop surprising

Original article: Models Modern, compact and fast-paced products, are now enjoying better prices than ever before, both in Amazon and in Newegg

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NVMe standard M.2 drives continue to drop their price levels and get closer to the minimum of the more basic SATA drives - this time Micron and Mushkin joining Provide us with the latest surprises.

Micron Crucial P1 Drives Based on Dense QLC Chips Return to Surprisingly Low Sale Prices - 77.29 Dollar Includes Shipping To the volume of 500GB, About NIS 280, and $ 131.79 including VAT and shipping To a terabyte volume, That is, only 480 shekels.

One of the cheapest terabyte drives in the world right now

This is a particularly low price - even lower than the price of 660p drives Which are almost identical to the severity level, and led to the downward trend in prices in the category until recently.

At the same time, Newegg International Store has dropped below the VAT exemption threshold The US-based Mushkin Pilot, the 500GB, Based on TLC chips and has continuous transfer speeds up to 2.7GBps with Random up to 335,000IOPS - at a final price of NIS 311, including home delivery and no need to pay VAT.

drive Perfect for a very good price

This is one of the most advanced models we have come across at a price that does not require an additional 17 percent for VAT - and we are holding our fingers that soon we will see more and more models from well-known manufacturers joining it and making competition for the Israeli pocket more interesting and tougher.

updating: Also DDR4 16GB memories continue to be available below the VAT exemption threshold - a single volume module considered from G.Skill's Aegis series sold for a final cost of NIS 311.97 including home delivery, they In version with 2,133MHz speed And they Version 2,400MHz speed. Pleasant shopping!


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  1. Make sure before buying the ticket's speed at the Passmark website

    Because there are very lucrative names out there, such as the Samsung P981, which has recently been seen on some Lenovo mobile phones. Significant performance differences.
    Hamskin Good Place - 15 thousand points; The carousel is mostly lower

    1. Samsung's P Series is OEM and is intended for companies, not for retail. This means, for example, that Samsung does not have a product warranty for the customer, and if the customer's warranty is needed, it is up to the seller, not Samsung, and is responsible for providing a replacement or performing RMA with Samsung. You have to take that into account.

  2. Quote of guest Nachum37

    P series of סמסונג It is an OEM and is intended for companies, not for retail sale. The meaning, for example, is that from the standpoint of סמסונג There is no warranty for the product towards the customer, and if there is a need to fulfill the responsibility the customer is facing the seller, not against סמסונג, And is responsible for providing an alternative or performing an RMA in front of סמסונג. You have to take that into account.

    Meaning PM. If you buy from Amazon - it's their responsibility.

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