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The perfect gaming processor? Core i9-9900KS receives official price

The first processor on the market that guarantees 5GHz work frequency for eight physical cores will require an extra 25 dollars over the previous Intel model

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Turbo frequencies Modernity has become one of the hottest among hardware enthusiasts of recent times, mainly because of the fundamental differences in how different companies define the data they publicly declare - which is something that has paved the way for the birth of the processor. The new i9-9900KS, among others, promises to mess around and provide a set maximum guaranteed frequency for all the cores that make up it.

The most senior Coffee Lake Refresh model will come with an official recommended price of 513 dollars (versus 488 dollars for the i9-9900K), with eight physical processing cores and 16 logical processing capillaries in the production process of , 127 watt power casing, 16 megabyte cache from L2 and L3 levels (together), a basic 4GHz operating frequency, and a maximum 5GHz turbo frequency are for Unit and for all eight cores, in a situation where there is an application capable of loading them all to such an extent.

An upscale and familiar looking enclosure awaits buyers

An upscale and familiar looking enclosure awaits buyers

Early performance tests Illustrate that the 9900KS is very effective for operations such as gaming, as it manages to outperform the Core i9-9900K, which in most cases managed to provide a maximum 5GHz operating frequency for two loaded cores, but dropped to a level of 4.7GHz in use by more than four cores - though it is worth noting that Will not guarantee that the 9900KS will reach the 5GHz frequency for all cores in any situation, but only when the ambient temperature and cooling system of the product are appropriate and allow. Let's hope that this is indeed the case for most buyers who decide to spend over 500 dollars in this advanced and prestigious model.

Will it be grabbed immediately and become a rare collectors product, or will it be available in decent quantities for all who require? We'll find out soon

God- i9-9900KS will start selling in stores tomorrow, on 30 in October, but what are the actual units available under this limited edition? This is another question already - when too little demand demand can of course increase the price in the field well above the recommended official threshold.

Would you be willing to invest about NISX or more for such a processor for your system? Let's tell in the comments!

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