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The perfect mechanical keyboard for the armchairs

Company Launches the compact, compact SK621 model - which does not give up quality mechanisms from the renowned MX Cherry

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Compact ballroom computers are a fast-evolving field, with the industry-leading manufacturers of peripherals that sit far away from their processing unit and still want maximum control.

Koller Master hopes to win a few more customers and credits now with its exclusive and prestigious SK621 keyboard that fits into this category - with a low profile and only about 60 size. 104 keyboard Traditional keyboard, wireless operation, Mechanics updated from a good home.

The size is especially convenient for use on the knees, or on the coffee table

The SK621 is based on Bluetooth connectivity 4.0 to support operation with up to three different devices, including a connector Type-C, which is used both for wired work and for charging the internal battery built into the unit at the same time, and an aluminum and plastic frame that holds keys with Cherry MX Low Profile mechanisms that are similar in their resistance to Cherry MX But should be very quiet (as befits a product designed for use in the living room alongside other people in the area, not in privacy in the personal room).

The key mechanisms are also called low profile because of their physical size - and because of the quieter action they can provide

The keyboard weighs 424 grams without cable, includes 1,000 sampling frequency to run for clicks, support pre-programmed macro settings for some keys, as well as support for various illumination modes - both through an accompanying program application and automatically through appropriate keyboard shortcuts. The only drawback of this interesting concept is probably the price, which Officially standing on the 120 dollar in Amazon - Let us hope for a formal cut and launch in the Holy Land in the near future.

Also designed from the back - just a pity that the price of the base deterred something


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