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The price of SSD drives continues to fall: the SanDisk Ultra 3D model at a very low price

updating: Offer for 500GB drive ended for now - But many other storage operations, including SSDs, are now available online. Worth a look!

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Original article: One of the most popular models in the SATA drive sector is less than half a shekel per gigabyte In Amazon

Drives Semi-terabyte agility has been available for several months at a price lower than the Israeli VAT exemption threshold, so that the final price becomes shorter than ever for consumers - and yet it seems that every time we have another positive surprise on the subject, this time it is a company And sub-brand Who come to center stage.

The latest SanDisk Ultra 3D drive, based on SLC 3-D SLC chips, Is now offered at its lowest price to date for 500GB volume Which stands at 58 dollars as the basis - and at 65.58 dollars includes home delivery and no additional VAT required. This cost translates into about NIS 240 in total, and is one of the most common we have encountered for such a volume drive, especially when it comes to a recognized and owned manufacturer Reputation and a popular product that includes 200TB's considerable writing volume.

The current price of the Ultra 3D is equivalent to the minimum price we previously received for the X- MX 500 the same volume

It is not clear how long inventory will hold at this discounted price, so we strongly recommend that you consider and act quickly before the cost jumps back up, as has been the case for other well-known models such as Micron's M500 and 860 EVO . Enjoy!


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  1. How do I know if the drive is reliable over time? Amazon has negative reviews about a defective product

    1. It seems that the average review of the Amazon model is 4.6 from 5, similar to the Crucial MX 500 and only two to Samsung 860 EVO.

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