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Prices of memories are leaping - the results of the fire at the Hynix plant

As the smoke dissipates and it becomes clear that the magnitude of the disaster due to the fire are rising memory prices gradually.
It was not an easy week , Hynix The world's second largest mobile computer and memory provider and manufacturer When a fire broke out in a memory chip factory in China.
At 4 in September a huge fire broke out in the factory Hynix, Probably during the installation of new equipment. As a result, prices of chips Rose significantly, a record of three years. Yesterday the company returned to partial activity and is still examining the damage.

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"At present, there is no material damage to the production equipment in the clean room, we expect to return to activity soon, so that the overall production and supply will not be significantly affected." "Our plan is to return to full-scale operations after the defective equipment is replaced," said the company representative.
Despite my words HynixTrendForce, which specializes in intelligence, hardware research and consulting, has estimated that the supplier will return to full operation for another six months or more.
Despite everything, the result is not necessarily completely negative for Hynix. The manufacturer reported last week that it expected most of the damage to be covered by insurance, and even if production declined due to the fire, the higher market prices of the memories would allow for higher profits.

And how does this affect us? During the last weekend and the beginning of this week, as a result of expectations of supply shortage the number of importers in the country have raised the price of memories.


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  1. excuses
    Memory prices will leap because they found an excuse to raise prices after a few years that were at a low price because of fierce competition. Just like the floods in the Hardisk factories almost three years ago (!). Prices have not yet fallen back to the prices of then.

  2. What a surprise, there was no clue
    Even though they burned the place,
    Intentionally, to raise prices.
    Everything is just in case ..
    And, surprisingly, the prices - are not too late to rise.

  3. I can already see it
    "Burned out and flooded and attacked by teddy bears I care about Intel factories, processor prices and people's slots are likely to go up!"

  4. You only have memories
    Memories of the era when memories were cheap…
    But the hardware market has been slowly learning the method by which gas companies have been working for years: raising prices fast, lowering them slowly, slowly, slowly… if ever lowering.

  5. We have Micron that manufactures chips here in the Holy Land
    Almost 10 years! Either no one is ready to pick up the glove and make boards and embed them in blue and white memory chips or it pays to sell us more from abroad….

  6. Well sure ..
    Burn yourself to the factory, lose some money, but raise the price of the product you produce and become the son of a rich prostitute at everyone's expense

  7. 2014-2015 The big processor crisis on the way: D
    What a great idea to make money, let's burn the plant and earn 2 on it, but most importantly we will raise the price for each product that has one or the other memory component.

  8. A new way of raising hardware prices has been found
    Find a new way to improve profitability.
    After the prices of memories are low, it might be a good idea to burn a plant.
    Higher prices and insurance covers too, patent not bad.
    Incidentally, HD prices since Noah's flood in WD
    They have hardly changed at all until today, when even there they expected a return to the routine in 6 months and in the meanwhile years passed and prices were unjustifiably excessive…

  9. Human greed is thus expected to be beyond ridiculous
    Oh no the puddles left behind by the fire engines and the piglets are already raising prices thousands of miles away on existing stock. Is there / is there any memory shortage? After all, unlike in the field of discs, this case is not controlled by two companies and nothing else…. Does it matter? As with the hard disks - look for me in the round and rot with the inventory.

  10. What about hard disk drives?
    Prices have returned to normal since the flooding two or three years ago or have remained the same?

  11. 1, and 14
    I do not know where you buy your hardware, but prices have returned to the level they were before the flood long ago.

  12. To the 14 astronaut
    I don't know what star you're living in, but everywhere 500 gigabytes cost no less than NIS 270 before the factory burn went up between 160-200. To continue?

  13. Hard disk prices have not returned to pre-flooding level yet ……
    Two weeks before the flooding, I bought a Samsung 2TB hard disk on KSP for NIS 315 and two days later it went down to NIS 245. I felt a sucker….
    A week after the flood the prices jumped to 700 and more and then I felt a sucker from the opposite direction (how did I not buy anymore…)

    Waiting impatiently for prices to drop!
    Need another hard disk !!!

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