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NVM drives are down to the lowest levels ever

The latest models from Micron and Available in price tags that may also cause drives Simple SATA interface to pale

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They probably will not completely ignore the 2.5-inch drives we've known for years, but it's hard to argue that NVME's fast and advanced Mini-M2 drives are the future of storage, both in compact mobile systems and in stationary systems whose owners are looking for Maxim - and their entry into the mainstream domain seems to be gaining real momentum, with prices we haven't dared to dream of until recently that are now becoming the new default. Haven't purchased yet? This article is for you.

The Crucial P1 model was launched with great potential and new generation QLC (Max. Quadruple Level Cell) chips a few months ago - and it now appears to be one of the first in the field with a low price tag from the Israeli VAT exemption volume Of 500GB. This model is offered in Amazon at a total price of $ 82.28, Only NIS 305 - and that's a price until a few months ago we didn't even get drives SATA standard, and certainly not a drive capable of delivering continuous transfer speeds of up to 1.9 gigabytes per second.

We knew that - P1 had the potential to drop to prices significantly lower than the official ones - and after a few months of trial and error this is indeed what happens

Model of the Crucial P1 in double the volume of terabytes Available for purchase for 178.27 dollars including VAT and shipping, which are about NIS 660 - a little more expensive than the available half-size model, but still paying off radically compared to other NVMe drives in the environment. Do you prefer to buy from Newegg's online international store? Also there you can find it at a final price of ILS 671.38, Including shipping and VAT required.

For dessert, if you want the maximum volume currently available on M.2 drives - you can choose Intel 660p, the twin brother of Curcial P1, Which is offered in a volume of 2 terabytes with a final price of ILS 1,211.37, Which makes it more lucrative than the micron terabyte in practice and pays off at the level of the 500GB model. Particularly short - and cheaper than most SATA drives in the same volume we have encountered in stores to date.

The elder brother of the P1, which was launched a few months before it, excels in the maximum volume segment

Think there are drives Better in stores in Israel or abroad? Let's tell everyone about this in the comments.

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