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The Quiz of the Answers and winners

The month of OCTober is happy for our readers. We appreciate that a large part of you are staring atOur Overclocking Forum And he wonders "How can I overclock my processor with this horrible cooling?" Well, this week we come to save you low action frequencies and give you advanced water coolers from the Antec gift. Among the solvers we will divide the The Khuler and the 620 The Khuler 920 so your week's chance of winning a double is double.

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This quiz is a logical crossword puzzle type. You have to find the words in the crossword until you finally fill in the blue squares. From the letters in the blue squares, the answer word must be put together, the order of assembly is top to bottom and right to left. When sending the solution only the solution word should be sent, all other answers are not needed. Letter mixing puzzles will be marked with (p). For those of you who want to send puzzles they created - please send the puzzle with the solution and write in the title "Puzzle + Solution".



4. When they put a screen after the fifth, Reshef is on a video card (4,4)

5. System before truck Makes sound channels (6)

6. A foreman invented a research place (5)


1. Where there is cattle, and people with keys, and lots of information stored… (5,4)

2. He sins me by not being connected (6) (p) by David Beck

3. To use the printer you need a hand and a head (3,3) (p)


1. Server farm

2. radio

3. Cartridge

4. Graphics accelerator

5. Stereo

6. Laboratory

Solution word: Calculate

Water coolers were cooled between correcters Cool 920 and-620 Antec gift

Winner in the set Water Kuhler 920 is Omri Moran! Resume
Winner in the set Water Kuhler 620 is a Ziggyman user

See you in the next quiz with a prize worth no less!


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