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The Quiz of the The winner!

The quiz comes back after a short break to bring you the Revodrive from OCZ!
It's a crazy 1 Terabyte hybrid drive, super fast with up to 910 megabytes per second, write up to 810 megabytes per second to connect your PCI-E!

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You must find the words in a crossword puzzle until you finally fill in the blue squares. From the letters in the blue squares the answer word must be put together, the order of assembly is top to bottom and right to left. When sending the solution, only the solution word should be sent, no other answers are required. Puzzles of letter mixing will be marked with (p). Puzzles that are marked when they are spoken are puzzles that suggest that the word of repentance sounds like a different word but not necessarily written like it. For those of you who want to send puzzles they created - please send the riddle with the solution and register in the title "Puzzle + Solution".


3. In each forum there is someone modest ... (4) (p)

5. Need a Teapacks for voice communication (4,3) (p)

6. Metal is mostly common with one giant seven (7)


1. A trip near this celebrity fictional? (6,3,3)

2. Clinton is at the heart of every soldier in a series of computers (7)

4. Morning BAB with Series Drives (5)


1. Star Trek

2. Pavillion

3. stuck

4. vector

5. Tim Spike

6. Titanium

The hidden word: Pentium

Award: Revodrive Hybrid 1TB
The winner is Arnon K.

On the quiz, 172 answered surfers, of which 167 answered correctly
Thank you for your participation and a pleasant weekend 🙂


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  1. ברכות לזוכה!
    אולי יום אחד גם אני אצליח לפתור את כל החידות… תמיד אני נתקע אחרי 3-4… 🙁

    HWZONE – תמשיכו עם העבודה הטובה שאתם עושים!!!

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