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The Radeon R9 390 cards are now cheaper with 4GB of memory

Competitive graphics card The mid-high market may become even more competitive now that the first models have been launched with half the amount of graphics memory

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If you have no inherent objection to its products, The Radeon R9 390 card Of the underdog in the world of graphic processing, , Is a good alternative for the popular GeForce GTX 970. Now this should become even more accurate and relevant, with the introduction of the first models that include only 4GB of GDDR5 memory capacity, R9 290 in the previous generation, instead of 8GB of As it was until now.

It is not clear how extensive the marketing of the new models will be, but it is quite natural that the goal here is to provide a product with a more competitive price tag than the current R9 390 models - seemingly 300 dollars or slightly less, when competitive prices really come in the frame. Such as those that would purify the 270 or 260.


A new-old competitor in the city

The Radeon R9 390 manages to compete quite closely with the cards The GTX 970 Of the competitor, with a slight advantage for it at high resolutions of QHD and Ultra HD and a small advantage is the same as for the model of FullHD and less resolutions. There is a pretty good chance that the 4GB version of Graphic Memory will also deliver a very competitive and similar performance - though it is also worth noting the very impressive speed potential that exists in all GTX 970 models with almost no exception, and much more moderately available in the home models And its partners.


Most of the information and models are currently coming from China - let's hope the business expands in the near future

We do not know whether we will see the new version in Israel and whether it will be at a price that can really be called a suitable alternative, but we are in favor of any additional competition to the hardware world, and therefore we will be optimistic about this.


Comparing the general performance of the latest R9 390 to the nearest model, The R9 290, which also came with 4GB of graphical memory, illustrates improvement Relatively modest but stable, and we hope that the price of the new model will be as attractive as that of the previous model
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