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HP's massive S430c screen - with removable camera

You thought mechanical front cameras were for And computers only? Proves otherwise

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HP has launched an impressive new ultra-wide screen for the S430c, the most interesting of which does not concern the quality of the display at all - it's a built-in dual-image array that is revealed by a mechanical mechanism out of the product body when needed, just like modern smartphones.

The S430c offers an ultra-wide, convex VA-sized 43.4-inch diagonal panel with 3,840 × 1,200 pixel resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate without support for dynamic display rate adjustment technology (appropriate for the 99 office and business world screen, cover for the 1800 office world) The color of the sRGB standard, 350R curve radius, and a perfectly reasonable average brightness of XNUMX nit.

Especially wide screens are not a new invention, and there are even bigger 49 inches on the market - but the built-in camera certainly renews the configuration

The screen features a very thin frame on three sides and a stand that allows for adjusting the display panel height and tilt back and forth in the 25 degree range, and there is even a dedicated VESA adapter for mounting it to the wall despite its massive size - but what's even more interesting is the mechanical mechanism that hides and exposes the camera 1080p (or 2.1 Megapixel) Network Resolution, Infrared Camera for Face Detection (as part of support for the Hello) and an array of microphone pair.

The S430c looks almost like Especially monstrous when the rest of his camera pops out

This is an interesting solution that allows integration On screen without the need for external hardware and without compromising the overall modern design of the product - and we will not be surprised if due to the relative popularity of these solutions in the smartphone market we will begin to see more and more computing products adopting the method for themselves.

Can also be used with two 24 screens connected to two different computer systems - without the need for external KVM switches

The fresh screen features a single DisplayPort 1.2 input, a single HDMI 2.0 input, a USB Type-C input pair with up to 85 watt power outage on a USB-PD standard and DisplayPort protocol support - and Offer a unique mechanism that allows two computers to be connected simultaneously to the screen and control both together on a split screen (a big advantage for the formidable panel that allows for the display of two "standard" wide screens at the same time). There is also a hub with four connections Type-A, which will save access to your computer case.

Connection of Using one of the inputs Type-C will allow both image transfer and upload (of the same mobile) at the same time

God- S430c will be on sale starting this November at a recommended price of $ 999, excluding tax, or NIS 3,530 in direct conversion. Affordable or excessive and unnecessary? Let's talk about it.


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