Return of the Radeon RX: quality hardware operations on the network

You have a golden opportunity to get the RX 580 is great for a little more than 1,000 new shekels - and even get three recent games with it

AMD still does not show any intentions to launch a new generation of To the middle market, but to our delight, we can take comfort in the fact that there is a clear trend of price cuts for the current models, which makes them more relevant than ever before in the face of the gradual price cuts in the " The opposite.

Now, you have the opportunity to purchase the PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon, with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, 1,002 New Israeli Shekels including shipping and VAT on the Newegg International website Which supports sending to the Holy Land, or At a price of about NIS 995 all-inclusive new shekel in the American Amazon.

One of the most advanced Polaris models on the market at a lower price GTX 1060 environment

If this is not enough for you - it is worth noting that purchasing the card will give you Access to the Raise the Game 3 project, In which you will receive codes to operate three current titles at no extra charge: Star Control Origins, Strange Brigade and of course Assassin's Creed Odyssey. If it does not turn the deal into something that can not be refused, we do not know what it is. Enjoy!

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The card is officially participating in the free gaming initiative of And its partners - which makes the deal much more worthwhile, with an additional value of over NIS 300

More network deals can be found for AMD's latest Ryzen processor generation: Model 2700X The leading octagon is offered at 365 USD, including VAT and delivery to the home, ie 1,330, The 2700 model The octagon is sold in 329 dollars, or approximately NIS 1,200, or approximately NIS Ryzen 5 2600X model Hexagon can be yours for just $ 258. Still a bit more expensive than the first generation - but it pays well for those who want the fastest and most advanced Offer within the brand.

An advanced 1000 GQ EVGA power supply with 80Plus Gold efficiency and a semi-modular structure available at a great total price of approximately NIS 640 In Amazon And they In Newegg, Depending on your preference.

Building an advanced system with large power consumption? This is a product that you should take into consideration

Fast desktop DDR4 memories can also be received at surprising rates for billing: Set 16GB with 2 8GB modules One 2,666MT / s Quickly from Team Sold at a total price of 565 New Shekels in Newegg, and the same volume packs from Patriot at speeds of 3,000MT / s, 2,800MT / s and also 3,200MT / s Amazon can be found at prices of 161, 167, and 173 respectively.

After a while they were "stuck" at a high point, Is slowly beginning to drop to more worthwhile levels

Dessert, A popular motherboard from ASRock for the X299 chip set and Intel's HEDT processors Sold on At a great price of 903 New Israeli Shekels, including VAT and shipping - is at least NIS 200 higher than the normal prices.

Quality, at a slightly more accessible price than usual