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The same price, double the number of cores: Microsoft upgraded the Surface Book 2

The advanced hybrid mobile is now available in a base version with the Modern quad-core - while a dual-core version gets a price drop

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Family Surface Devices Almost always feature unique configurations, fine design and luxurious finishes - but also lacking in updating the hardware components inside, with updates every year and a half for even two years, compared to a much more agile rate in larger,.

Happily, it seems that the giant company also understands that hardware refresh does not have to come only as part of a new generation of the product - and now launching another version of God- Book 2 prestigious, with changes strictly in some internal components.

A refreshing change on the part We hope that this is the beginning of a new approach that will help Maintain relevancy for longer periods of time

The Surface Book 2 has been sold for nearly a year and a half with a hard-to-digest 1,500 base price for a model with an 13.5-inch screen that includes a drive 256GB, RAM and 8GB RAM Core i5-7300U is an antique something with a pair of physical processing cores only. From now on, at the price of 1,500 dollars will get consumers the God- i5-8350U, with four physical processing cores that will maximize performance in most existing applications.

The touch pen and the Dial are still sold separately (and relatively expensive)

This is a logical upgrade and is absolutely needed, considering that more advanced models of the Surface Book 2 have already reached the beginning with processors i7 quadrilateral and because both- i5-8350U This is an old-fashioned model that was even inherited last year as part of the E-.

Unfortunately, there has been no change in the price levels of the Core i7 quad-core models, which also include a dedicated video card from within - Here you will still need to pay 2,000 dollars or more

In addition to the updated model that will be offered at the same price level of 1,500, Microsoft will now offer a version of the Surface Book 2 with the Core i5-7300U, 256GB storage drive and 8GB of RAM at a discounted price of 1,300 USD - as well as a new version With Core i5-7300U, 8GB dynamic memory and drive Minimum of 128GB for 1,150 USD.

In Israel, the most basic model of the Surface Book 2 available for purchase includes a processor i7 and the cost of more than 9,000 shekels - so there is definitely somewhere to improve and especially to reduce

We are not convinced that the purchase of With 128GB of Available is a good idea in 2019 - but it's nice to see that the option exists for consumers, at a price significantly lower than before. Can we now hope to lower the price in a similar fashion to the Pro? We'll keep our fingers crossed.


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