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Scythe cooling in the audit - the sun rises, the temperature drops

Company Scythe Is not a new player in the market of curiosities in Israel. Today, almost every computer enthusiast and Israeli hara knows the name Scythe. The shrouds from home Scythe Are considered to be quite qualitative, reliable, worthwhile and possessive Good. The company's previous product line included the K-Katana 3 and the-Mugen 2 Who were very popular in Israel. The "Mugen Has become synonymous with good cooling at a good price and was included in a large part of the computers intended for haste sold in Israel in recent years.
Today we cover the new line of curries Scythe Which includes the following excerpts
  • Mugen 3
  • Katana 4
  • Kabuto 2
  • Big Shuriken 2
Will the carvings continue the tradition of their predecessors?
Has performance improved?
Do the curries work well in time With processors K Scenery 1155?
Answers below ...

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  1. Omar
    As the reviewer, I have noted several times that Scythe's illustrative bag is terrible. Really impossible to control some outbound ointment

  2. Right, I only managed to read the article ..
    So I did not see the cumbersome installation process ..
    But still, you could not put a bubble in the center and smear?

  3. To 2
    Of course after that I applied it properly.
    Overall, I tried to illustrate the problem with the ointment bag

  4. About the thermal ointment
    If you made one spot in the middle of the processor the size of a fly, you would not get dirty, beyond a single rinse in the center of the processor has proven to be better than smearing on the entire processor.

  5. The bag is not a problem at all
    The bag on one side ends up in a funnel shape, just have to cut it with a Japanese knife / scissors in the right place and then there is a small hole just like a syringe.

    And something else, the installation does not have to turn the board. You can simply assemble it with the board already inside, including memories, by putting the chassis in so that you have access to a hole in the tray (which is the case in any normal chassis today)

  6. Some points about 3 protected
    As a former owner of 2 protected and currently protected 3 I can say that the installation really was a bit "long" but not tiring.

    The topic of the cooling paste in a funny bag…
    Hard to make one or two points and then apply a credit card or similar?

    Whatever I prefer to work with a high quality coolant regardless of the syringe or no syringe

    Also, it is a shame that you did not show the version of the couple (as I have) a rope, but this review made this body a bit "bad" ... too bad.

  7. There is nothing like cooling water
    As someone who had a refrigerator called big typoon years ago
    I can tell you it's crap and cumbersome ...
    Noisy, filled with dust, taking up lots of space, limiting you with long and non-aesthetic memories… it has an advantage only in terms of price.

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