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The selection is growing: DDR4 memory with large volume at a small price (updated)

The original article: More and more Modern products in the volume of 16GB can be purchased at a final price of 300 shekels or even less

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The experts predicted last year the continued steep decline in the price of chips of dynamic memories that are used by all of us, and it is hard to argue with the statement that this is indeed happening - 16GB, at a price of about NIS 300, or even a little less, is no longer just a fantasy, and so is the installation of systems with DRAM 32GB in hundreds of shekels instead of thousands of shekels until recently.

In order not to miss out and pay dearly, we have collected for you some of the cheapest opportunities to renew with dynamic memories at the moment.

Amazon are offered A pair of Patriot 16GB modules including (8GB per module) and 2,666MHz base speed The final price of 82.4 dollars includes shipping to the country - ie 300 shekels. It should be noted that these are basic modules without any cladding or heat dissipation element, but for such a cost it is quite difficult to complain about it, at least at this stage.

Patriot is another familiar name that joins competitors below the VAT threshold - and there are a number of better models with designer and branded coverings that may soon join this supply

Patriot also offers 16GB memory in a single module with a base speed of 2,400MHz in a compact SO-DIMM configuration For 82.13 dollars - which can be very relevant when purchasing a pair for total 32GB or upgrading a system that already includes 16GB of With additional free slot.

Want a pair of SO-DIMM modules? You will purchase A pair of 16GB total volume and a base speed of 2,666MHz from Silicon Power For the exact same price of $ 82.13 - or approximately NIS 300. There is also Two modules at 2,400MHz speed and with CL17 timings Slightly better at the same price.

The look of these memories is completely generic - but still a good deal for those who need it

Silicon Power products are also available in the standard desktop configuration of the DDR4: A single 16GB module at a base speed of 2,400MHz Sold in 80.28 Dollars, approximately NIS 290, and16GB module at base speed of 2,666MHz Sold on 82.7 dollars. In addition, proposals are still valid for a pair of modules with a total volume of 16GB (volume of 8GB per module) and at 78.58 dollars (285) For base speed of 2,400MHz Or at the price of 80.58 dollars The base speed of 2,666MHz and improved CL16 timings.

Newegg offers several models from G.Skill at floor prices: Aegis single module with 16GB and base speed of 2,666MHz with CL19 timings At a price of ILS 302.81 including shipping to Israel, A pair of 8GB modules each with a base speed of 2,400MHz and CL16 timings At the price of NIS 315A single SO-DIMM module from the popular 16GB Ripjaws, 2,133MHz and CL15 Let it be yours for NIS 311.81.

Final prices at Slightly higher than those in Amazon - but the proposed brand is considered more recognized and valued

It should be noted that there are several more advanced products from known manufacturers such as and- Which are currently only a few dollars away from the 75 exchange rate, and if and when they pass it will become much more rewarding for Israeli consumers who will no longer need to add 17 VAT to them - so if you are in no hurry you can wait with the purchase for a few weeks or Months, and reexamine the state of the market, which can be even more challenging and competitive, we will of course continue to monitor the situation and update you accordingly.

updating: G.Skill SO-DIMM module with 16GB and 2,400MHz speed Is now sold in Amazon under the VAT exemption threshold - 82.1 USD includes shipping to the home, ie only NIS 300.

2 Update: 4GB DDR16 memory module, CL15 and base speed of Corsair 2,133MHz For the price of 82.05 dollars in Amazon.

4GB DDR16 memory module from Team Group with 2,400MHz base speed and CL16 timings At the price of 82.25 dollars.

Interested in more volume? G.Skill Ripjaws in a compact SO-DIMM with a total volume of 32GB (16GB per module), 2,400MHz and CL16 May be yours at a final price of 184.01 USD, or NIS 670 only.

G.Skill DDR4 DDR2NUMX, total 16GB, basic 2,133MHz and CL15 Sold for NISNUMX at Newegg International Store

This is probably the best deal to date: DDR4 in a G.Skill Aegis desktop configuration with a total volume of 16GB, a high base speed of 2,800MHz and CL17 Affordable - at a price of only NIS 314.81.

Geil's 4GB DDR16, with the most extreme cooling body in the environment, with 2,400MHz base speed and CL16 timings, Are also offered at NIS 314.81.

The appearance may be strange - but the brand is familiar and the characteristics are certainly worthy

DDR4 with total volume of 16GB from the G.Skill budget series, At a base speed of 2,666MHz and CL19 timings are sold for 317.81.


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