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Silent Shark cooling - at the top of the food chain

Introduction and packaging

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In recent years, the performance market for air cooling has suffered a severe blow following competition with water curbs. In the past, the water coolers required joint maintenance, did not pay off at all, and certainly did not give Fite to the air coolers. Today, the cooling market is in a difficult war between the closed water cisterns and the air coolers to the high market. As time passes, we see more and more companies (some of them also significant players in the market of past and present aircoolers) entering the water cooling market. The truth is that the air cooling market is in a certain stalemate, and in the last year there has been little progress in this market.

Company EverCool Which sells in Israel mainly due to its air cooling to the low market decided to enter the competition in the market of more serious aircourses New air that should, at least on paper, give real competition in the air-cooling market with a cost-effective performance ratio. This is theSilent Shark Which I will survey today.
ID - EverCool Silent Shark
  • Compatibility: All the skins of Starting from 775 and all of the AMD Starting fromAM2
  • Internal Fan: 120 Millimeters - Made EverCool sample SSF-12
  • External Fan: 120 Millimeters - Made EverCool sample Silent Fan
  • Weight: 1.180 kg
  • Number of heat pipes: 6
  • Dimensions: 140 166 x x 165 Millimeters
  • Dimensions of fans: the same size as the one on 120 120 x x 25 Millimeters.
  • Internal fan: between 800 and 2200 RPM on a pin 4 connection
  • External fan: 1400 RPM on a pin 3 connection
  • Cooling base: Copper
  • Price: 50$ Abroad, is expected to rise slightly above NIS 200 in Israel
What's in the box?
  • A rear plate for cooling cooling for IntelAMD together
  • Syringe with thermal ointment
  • A small fan adapter that lowers its operating voltage to keep it quiet
  • manual
  • Docking kits for all skates supported by cooling.
I would like to point out that the packaging is high-quality, informative, prestigious and that the refrigerator is packed in a great way.
Special feature - lifting the external fan
Cooling theSilent Shark Including a special feature that I have not seen until today. God-Silent Shark Allows lifting of the external fan for easy access to memory slots when cooling is complex. This is a nice and innovative feature, but I think it is more harmful than useful. Although it is easier to access the memory slots, the problem is to allow the fan to be lifted away from the heat sink itself, . I would prefer to see a light docking system that would allow the fan to be disassembled and returned when needed.

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  1. Does it seem to me, or is this cooling disturbing recent memories (those with ribs such as GSKILL?)
    Does it seem to me, or is this cooling disturbing recent memories (those with ribs such as GSKILL?)

  2. Like a lot of craps
    1 - Most large craters require relatively low memories (LP) on most motherboards.

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