We took the compact mechanical review of the Brand to Kingston - Is its minimal design worth the price? Let's find out

The mechanical keyboard in this review is slightly different from what we are usually used to seeing here on the site. Usually, you are presented with reviews about Exotic and illuminating , A wide variety of buttons and functions and what not for many hundreds of shekels.

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HyperX brand from Recently stormed into the peripheral equipment market with , Mice and keyboards. Among the various products are those that cost the consumer less and still deliver the goods, at least to some gaming giants.

Among the different gaming equipment was born a kind of equipment that targets itself mainly for competitive gaming, with maximum accuracy in order to achieve results. Just as precise mice can cost NIS 150-200 for electronic sports, compared to leading gaming mice that cost about NIS 400 and more - there are also Competitive sports that cost significantly less than others.

Such is the Alloy FPS. This is a mechanical keyboard with one color, red and a limited number of functions to maximize value versus cost.

This keyboard is full in size and comes with the Numpad buttons on the right. The recommended keyboard cost is 450. In some operations like this you will find it also descending to the NIS 300 line, it has happened before. This keyboard has a small sister named Alloy FPS Pro which is actually a Numpad-free version, so-called TKL in the world of keyboards (Tennkey-less).

The keyboard comes with a case that also has a mouse pocket, a cable Removable, red WASD keys and instruction manuals.

As noted the keyboard design is minimalist and includes a fairly thin frame. A large part of the keyboard's body is made of a rather thick layer of steel, making the keyboard heavy and has a serious grip on the table.

On the back of the keyboard is the Mini- Next to the socket Standard device that can be used to charge devices. This is a feature ... interesting. I think that it is possible to expand the usability of such a thing and to allow connectivity to expansion devices and mice, for example.

The keyboard buttons like other mechanical keyboard reviews are the Cherry-MX . These are my favorite buttons, and using similar buttons in each option gives me the ability to compare the fair tire and convenience of the types of use.

Experience the keyboard

Moving to a competitive gaming keyboard is not easy for me, and I write these lines from Alloy FPS even after about two weeks of regular use. The low spacing between keys often causes typing errors, and frequent observation of the keyboard while typing (which has no Hebrew, even though I write in Hebrew) is quite a bit. I think I'm still at a stage where I had to map the keyboard to the top. Such a dense keyboard is definitely something to get used to.

Among the competitive games I play there is also Overwatch and there seems to be a keyboard that does the job in the most appropriate way. I have never encountered any keys that do not function properly when a large amount of them is pressed at the same time. The density is a little hard when I need keys slightly farther away, such as the numbers F and G for example. This is something that certainly takes time to get used to.

In terms of noise, I would rate the alloy FPS among the quieter keyboards that use red buttons. It seems that the steel body is doing quite a good job of absorbing the power of the key caps and this is an optimal situation before we need to resort to various silencing solutions. On the other hand, Most types are not exactly the kind I would recommend to those who like the quiet anyway, probably not around buttons like And Blue for example.

As a user who is also used to writing content and listening to music on a computer, such a keyboard is not my forte, with multimedia buttons embedded as a secondary function for the numbered F buttons. In order to transfer songs or stop the music I need to press the Fn key along with one of these keys and this action does not come naturally, even after two weeks of use.

When it comes to keyboard durability and how stiff it feels, I think Alloy FPS is the toughest keyboard I've ever had. The use of a particularly thick layer of steel is a fairly correct decision for HyperX, and together with the function to replace a Mini- When needed, durability appears to be at the top of the set of priorities here. The lack of multimedia keys and buttons may also contribute to keyboard survival over the years.

I will rate my overall experience with these keyboards as reasonable for writing and very good for games. This is the main purpose for which this keyboard was created. The minimal design and keyboard mobility is a great help for gamers on the go and although we're just after the LAN party era, such a keyboard will take up less space in the bag than a full keyboard with multimedia buttons, wrist rest and other gadgets.

Recommended - keyboard Alloy FPS Cherry-MX Red

Whether it's the standard FPS Alloy or the shorter FPS Pro, this keyboard is suitable for a gamer who wants mechanical buttons at a fair price. We would strongly recommend that you wait for the various operations there, keyboards They get big discounts.

We have already seen several models go down below the tax line, which puts them under the 350 line, which is a good price for such a keyboard. Keyboard Alloy FPS gets into the recommended list of HWzone.


Almost all mechanical keyboards (and expensive ones in general) have a USB socket for connecting another device which is the total "charging socket" attached.

The typing errors are caused by the ease of the RED keys. Each light touch is translated into click. I write this also from a keyboard with RED keys.


There's no BLACK!



Anonymous פריים
Anonymous פריים

It would be nice to know if the keyboard can be found in Israel or abroad ...
This is a rather sensitive subject for mechanical keyboards, most of which can not be obtained in Israel ...


There is a ksp
But, in my opinion, it's better to order from Amazon. Cheap on 50-60 chess and sometimes 100 + in promotions.


I would be happy to report and recommend a mechanical keyboard for office work and not for acting.
Today most keyboards are much less comfortable than the old keyboards.