Skylake processors may be overclocking monsters

Skylake processors may be overclocking monsters

With a very impressive 5.2GHz acceleration result, the new desktop processors May surprise us with potential Which has not been seen since the days of the Sandy Bridge

Reason for cautious optimism: After last week we were quite upset to discover first real criticism, so to speak, of the new Core i7-6700K processor of the new Skylake generation from , Performance has remained virtually unchanged from the previous Haswell generation - we are now receiving new and surprising information that the new generation of May provide potential Great.

The first, and very impressive, source shows a snapshot from the CPU-Z program where a processor is recorded i7-6700K Quad-Core Operating at a frequency of not less than 5.2 GHz (compared to 4 GHz to 4.2 GHz by default), based on voltage Relatively modest of 1.35 volts (compared to 1.205 volts by default) and air cooling of GELID.

The processor in question was not stable enough to perform tests Under this frequency, but in the same source, they provided another cut-off photograph of the SuperPi test run, allegedly by the same processor, at a frequency of 5 GHz.

i7-6700K at the 5 GHz frequency, runs one of the least relevant performance tests in modern times

There is even documentation (With 5 seconds of content and more 25 seconds of advertisement for a store in Hong Kong responsible for information, with forgiveness) that should provide conclusive evidence and more difficult to fake or distort.

In addition to the rapid cooling of the pleasant air, the Overclock, which is called PLG, displays a picture from CPU-Z with a processor i7-6700K running at 6.53 GHz frequency - this time based on Liquid nitrogen, naturally, and with stress Extreme 2.032 Volts.

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Verification of both of the reported speed results

In both cases, the results are impressive, and even surprising, considering reports that new generation processors will revert to using standard thermal glue to connect the chip itself to its metal cladding (as in Ivy Bridge and, But not Devil's Canyon, which uses a more expensive ointment that has improved heat conductivity to the cooling), and reports that, The power generation components will return to the motherboards after trying to integrate them into the processors as a solution to provide more stable and efficient energy.

From our rich past experience with similar pre-launch reports and reports, it is necessary to accept all of the information presented here with a big spoonful of skepticism, but on the other hand - right now we will admit that we are willing to try and believe any piece of information that will give us a worthy cause and wait for the launch of the generation Desktop. In two weeks' time we will be able to find out whether the mother is in front of us for up to a year.

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Bonus - More results from more comparison of the i7-4790K to i7-6700K that went online

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  1. Like I said in the second discussion, this can be seen here as well.
    Something doesn't work with the data in the software.
    Either because it is fake (and then you can't rely on the data) or your photos / videos are edited.

  2. Ahh what did I say ……. (On last week's tests) _ (And, truth be told, I relied on exactly the test in this article. Look for a little more and you'll definitely see it on 5.2.)

    If this is indeed all this business, then again you can see that Intel knows what it is doing. A sign that working on the new FINFET is a great job! It may also (perhaps) explain why the controllers were returned to the board (heat emission, sterile area, etc.)

    Fucking pleasure!

    In my opinion this will be the same show as in SANDY.
    SKYLAKE will bring about the significant improvement…. And then it will be the same lady with a change of overcoat.

  3. A jump will be that Stock Stoke will improve over the previous generation 7% as Intel got used to, say at least 20%.

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