• The speeds of the Sandy Bridge-E processors are revealed in HWzone

The speeds of the Sandy Bridge-E processors are revealed

the mother Will launch the new platform this year, after all?

a few days ago Were exposed, Seemingly the official speeds of some FX series processors , But donanimhaber.com wastes no time, and are now free to reveal (once again - seemingly) the speed of future Sandy Bridge-E processors .

A few months ago Released Because Plans to offer home users three Sandy Bridge-E processors - two Hexagonal cores and quad core processors.
The current leak provides the The names And the speeds of these processors.
According to the Turkish website, The quad-core processor will carry the name i7-3820 will offer 4 cores and 8 capitals at a base of 3.6GHz, which will rise to 3.9GHz with Turbo Boost. The processor will offer An 3MB L10 cache and a locked product, as its name suggests.
The next processor will read i7-3930K and offer 6 cores, 12 capillaries, 3MB L12 cache, open product and base speed of 3.2GHz, up to 3.8GHz with Turbo Boost.
Last but not least is the Extreme processor For the current generation - Core i7-3960X, which will offer 6 cores, 12 capillaries, impressive L3 cache memory of 15MB, of course open multiplier and base speed of 3.3GHz reaching up to 3.9GHz in turbo mode. From past experience with the products of , It can be assumed that this processor will bear a price tag that would not shame a complete computer system.

Another item that appeared a few months ago claim That same platform -E will not be launched at the end of 2011 as planned - but only in 2012.
Now, Reporting From vr-zone.com, backed by the slide, says there is still a chance to see these processors in stores before the end of the year.
The argument is that the source of the rejection is In the new chipset - Patsburg, which is not "mature" yet for launch.

The slide lists 4 different types of chipsets - with Intel estimated to try to bring the basic chipset, Patsburg-B, to market this year, while the more advanced chipset, Patsburg-D, will be launched next year.
According to the slide, the 'B' chipset will only offer 4 SATA III or SAS connections (as opposed to 8 in the D chipset), and the connection between the chipset will be based on a DMI connection only (while D will also have an additional PCIe X4 connection And the processor).

It is not clear at this time Exactly may come this year - if at all, and so we have nothing but to wait for more reports on the subject.


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  1. And what's up with the Suket?
    Do they support 1155 or is Intel again sending us on an upgrade journey like they love it?

  2. an important question !!
    The question is: will these processors support the Sundays Bridge motherboards currently on my board ???

  3. 1, 2, and 3
    No, no, no.
    The Sandy Bridge-E processors will require a new socket called LGA2011, a new chipset called Patsburg or X79, and will not have a built-in graphics core.
    All this information you could find in the links that appear in the new, leading to previous news on the same topic.

  4. To 1 and 2
    No it will not support the 1155 resident. This is a brand new 2011 bracket. Much bigger.

  5. Answers
    The bracket is 2011 unlike the current generation Sandy Bridge 1155.
    No graphical kernel.

  6. So that means that the future upgrade I planned is already considered old technology :(
    Annoying intel /:

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