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Company Shows us that she knows how to do more things besides RAM
Patriot seems to be looking to expand its array of RAM under the Viper brand and presented at Computex this year a new set of memories Designed for the high performance market.
Display presented contained 16 Gigabytes (4 × 4) of memory Which should work at 2,133 MHz frequency with 11-11-11-30 timings and will consume 1.5 volts. Estimates should come in other volumes and colors as well, but they will all contain the small holes in their heat sinks. The same holes will be used to fix ancillary equipment, such as LED lights, fans and other merchandise that will be sold separately. The add-ons should not be particularly expensive, so those of you who like to decorate or speed up your computer can also purchase some "upgrades" to your.

The second product presented by the company is the Gauntlet Node. This is a chassis of a small hard drive (ie, a drive Or HD drive of computers The 2.5-inch size, which comes without a drive by default, will allow you to insert your own drive and the choice will not limit you between several preset models. The uniqueness of this product is the fact that it contains two WiFi cards - using one of the cards it creates a Hot Spot and allows you to connect directly to the drive from any device , While the other card connects to another WiFi network, which allows the product to be used as a kind of Access Point - and access both the content on it and the Internet simultaneously.
In addition, Patriot develops an application for Android, It has a graphical interface dedicated to using the drive, which will enable viewing the content on it and even uploading new content.

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The price of the Gauntlet Node will range from 70 to 80 and will be available for purchase this summer.


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