• The Hyper D92 of the Master Collar in the control: HWzone does not harm

Cooler's Hyper D92 cooling is not offensive

Master Collar wants Compact and efficient - Is the new D92 on the job?

The Cooler Master is well known in the hardware market. Among its leading products are packages, power supplies and equipment Processors.

The series of Hyper-Cirrivers are well known to many users. This series is successful due to competitive price and good performance. The most popular cooling in this series and of the Master Collar in general is the Hyper 212 in its variants. This is the cooling of a tower with four copper pipes, an 120 millimeter fan and a price tag that many stores simply can not defeat.

Recently, Kohler Master decided to expand the series with new clarifications. Their sons, too The Hyper D92 which I will review this review.

The Hyper D92 cooling is designed for a fairly large market segment and is for the user who wants to cool his CPU properly without making the accelerator, or at least a significant speed. Common exclusions in this category will be ARCTIC's Freezer 7 Pro andKatana 4 Of Scythe. The prices of these purses vary from 120 to NIS 150.

Will the D92 stand up to the cooling task? And what about noise intensity? Answers to this later in the review.

Packaging and content

In addition to the cooling, we receive adapters for anchoring Intel and Recent:

  • LGA2011
  • LGA775
  • LGA1366
  • LGA1150,1155,1156
  • AM2-AM3 +
  • FM1-FM2 +

In addition, there is a correlation between the two fan connections to a single 4PIN connector, as well as a user manual and a thermal paste.

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