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NVIDIA's surprise: Star Wars style graphics cards

Titan collector versions The horror is revealed as designs inspired by the dark side and bright side of the immortal series of films

A few days after - Promised us what was interpreted as the most advanced and unique version of its Titan X model - we got the announcement, in effect, about a pair of Titan versions Which differ from the original only in their appearance, with no dramatic surprises in terms of performance.

The two collectors versions of the Gaming Card and the formidable professional work are, in fact, another of countless collaborations to advance the Star Wars universe - one version with green LED illumination dedicated to the Galaxy Rebels and a second version with Red LED illuminating the Empire and the Dark Side of Power. The cooling, performance and dimensions of both models are the same, but many different visual elements can be seen - when the red version offers tint More with a slightly more rounded and futuristic design, while the green version offers a simpler look with a treated finish that makes it look old and slightly worn.

Join the dark side, we have video cards

Beyond brand addicts who will undoubtedly be enthusiastic about the gesture, Moding enthusiasts in general may also be impressed by the new offer - taking into account the fact that Has not allowed its partners to create their own unique versions of the Titan Xp, so this is the most significant visual upgrade to this particular model that can be achieved today. Fortunately, at They decided to keep the $ 1,200 price tag for the fresh versions as well - and although we would not oppose the announcement of any cut to this cost, at the very least, there is no increase in the existing price as might be expected from what is defined as a limited-availability collectors version.

These are fairly invested products - which matches their high price tags, of course

Titan models Will be arriving at the 17 stores in November, along with Assassin's Creed Origins For the recently introduced GTX 1080 Ti, we get the feeling that in an era where performance and even rush potential are particularly similar across the different sub-models of each graphics card - external branding is becoming increasingly heavyweight, and gimmicky collaborations such as these may become a common norm And more and more, for better or worse.

Maybe soon every Hollywood blockbuster and leading game will get branded video cards offered alongside them? We'll see

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