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The surprising combination: Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X processors will come to the stores together

While in the standard processors market The Kaby Lake generation will be the successor to the G-, In the field of high-performance superprocessors, we may see the opposite situation

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The new details about the Santa Clara chip's processors are continuing to flow at an increasing rate these days, when this time we are looking for the generation that will inherit the "E, which was officially launched only a few months ago and made mini-history when it became the first desktop model with 10 processing cores (and 20 processing threads).

According to another leak from, in the second half of 2017 new HEDT (High End Desktop) - From a family that combines Skylake and Kaby Lake together, under the code names Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X. Equally surprising is the fact that the Skylake-X models are supposed to be the top, with 8,6 and 10 processing cores, while the Kaby Lake-X models will appeal to a more modest market with 4 cores. This is in contrast to the general chronological order of , According to which the Kaby Lake models arrive at the end of this year as an upgrade for .


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All new models will be based on a LGA2066 chassis and an updated Kaby Lake chip chip (maybe X170, or X199?) When X will be characterized by a thermal envelope of 140W and for 44 PCI-Express channels to be routed from the processor to the PCI-Express slots of the motherboard, while -X will offer a new thermal envelope level of 112 watts, with 16 channels 3.0 only.

In the memory section, a four-channel controller in Skylake-X, with memory support, appears With a speed of 2,666MT / s when only one module per channel or memory is combined With speeds of 2,400MT / s if two modules are integrated into each channel (ie eight units in total). The Kaby Lake-X looks like a memory controller With only a pair of channels, while here the built-in support will vary between 2,666MT / s and 2,400MT / s depending on the number of modules for each channel.


Intel is preparing to expand its line of extreme models, as well as to narrow the generational gaps between them and the mainstream models

All models will come without built-in graphical cores (making Kaby Lake-X sound like a very interesting option for gamers unable to pay thousands of shekels for an eight or ten-core processor), and quite surprisingly with far less cache memory - 8 megabytes for Kaby Lake-X and 13.75 megabytes for Skylake-X, compared to volumes between 15 and 25 megabytes in theE, which may indicate a change Significant in any field.

The combined Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X generation will be the swan song of the 14 nm manufacturing process shortly before the arrival of the first Cannonlake models at 10 nm - and it will be interesting to see how they will deal with the New FX , In the. Do we have new buds of competitiveness here? We'll see.


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  1. What exactly would be the advantage of a Kaby Lake-X processor over a home version (for 1151)? Currently the Core i7-6700K family from the Skylake family presents quite similar features to those designed for the Kaby Lake-X, and since it is a high end processor with a new resident high end motherboard, the total cost is likely to be higher than the standard Kaby Lake or Skylake home processor With motherboard with 1151 bracket. Unless there is a significant difference in performance between a Kaby Lake-X processor and a Kaby Lake processor or a standard home Skylake, I do not see why anyone would prefer to buy such a processor.

    1. Of course there will be improvement! Significant _ (conclusion required from electricity consumption)
      But… home users will not feel it since the home use of the processor is traditional.
      Those who will feel the difference and be welcomed are the cheap servers with the TITAN-P, and of course media workflows.
      But in Gaming Office KODI and Torrents there will be no apparent difference _ (in WINRAR yes)

      It's like buying a fighter plane when you live in a country like Israel, you can't fly it, and the potential is sitting in the backyard you will never use.

      1. And you say that based on what?
        Based on the fact that over the past 6-7 Intel has improved the processors by 10-15 percent each generation?
        What a renewed competition and what shoes. AMD is still not approaching the performance of Intel's processors (they are priced differently but it's not relevant at the moment).

    2. Maybe they will be rushed out of the factory or with enhanced overclock capabilities?
      In any case, there is no justification for the 4 core series.
      No more cores, no more cache, no more lanes.

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