Technology is improving rapidly: A new patch is making the performance of the warp trace more efficient in Battlefield V

After a disappointing initial launch, DXR technology in the popular action game leaps forward with a new patch and updated NVIDIA drivers

Our first practical introduction to the NVIDIA RTX platform to support the Microsoft DXR standard for authentic beam tracking was not particularly encouraging - although the effect certainly contributed to realistic and unique reflections in puddles, glass, and metal surfaces in Battlefield V Fresh, It also mapped the performance obtained by about 50 percent And sometimes even more, which certainly did not justify the improvement in display quality.

At the outset, we expressed the hope that the continued development of the technologies and future updates will improve the performance and reduce the performance gap - and to our delight it seems to be happening sooner than expected. Are significantly better, without sacrificing visual quality.

With the 417.22 version of the Device Manager for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards, which are the only ones that currently support the DXR standard under DirectX 12, and an update for Battlefield V itself named Tides of War: Overture and has begun its official release to players through the Origin platform Yesterday (Wednesday, the December 5) - the resulting performance represents improvements of tens of percentUp to 50 percent by NVIDIA's own statement) Relative to previous versions when the DXR capability is enabled, in all four different levels defined for it.

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now, RTX 2080 Ti Cards And a frame rate of more than 50 frames per second on average using Ultra DXR under 4p resolution. in parallel The RTX 2080 models Can achieve 60 frame rates per second or higher in the Medium or Low DXR settings at 1440p resolutions, while The RTX 2070 cards The moderators of the group can rejoice at the ability to display running speeds of over 60 frames per second in all DXR settings under 1080p operation resolution, compared to display rates that dropped to 40 frames per second only during the previous update of the game.

The improved performance compared to the original - there is still much more to strive for, but this is a very impressive improvement over the short time that has elapsed
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This performance is still not the peak of our ambitions, as we are still cutting 20 and even 30 percent in display rates relative to the operation of Battlefield V without DXR technology at all, but at least we can see progress in the right direction and hope that over time Itself and the game creators will learn how to provide us with the most realistic and impressive effects thanks to Ray Tracing, while minimizing performance as part of the use of dedicated processing units for this area, instead of being fully based on the main CUDA units that are responsible for completing all other aspects of the visual display .

As for the quality of the visual effects, most sources in the field seem to agree that the DXR in the Medium settings gives the best ratio between performance and appearance, at least at this stage

What do you think about the performance and look DXR delivers now? Let's share your comments!