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The Threadripper processor family is not going anywhere

Although the launch programs for 2019 were rejected - Show that the HEDT series of home processors will still make its comeback

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The jump in the number of cores in the Ryzen 3000 family to change official road maps has led to rumors that the Threadripper May disappear from the landscape, after only a couple of generations - but the CEO of the company herself decides to reassure those concerned now.

Today we already know that the new EPYC family of processors Exclude up to 64 cores based on eight Chiplet units built with 8 cores 2 in each, while models 3000 will contain up to 16 cores based on a pair of such Chiplet units - so that the main question about the X- Next is whether it will maintain maximum number of 32 processing cores as it has been so far, jumping and multiplying to 64 cores as servers or perhaps a new intermediate point of 48 processing cores based on 6 Chiplet units (eg).

The road map may have changed slightly since the beginning of the year - but the love for the home and professional market remains in place, we are assured

There is no dispute that - There is and will be the technical ability to provide unprecedented 64 processors for the HEDT home processor, but it is not certain that it will be commercially viable for it. At least at this stage, support for 16 processing units, 24 processing units and 32 processing units is still much in its infancy Structured. Whatever it is - we are very happy to discover that Does not plan to give up any category or any market share in the framework of the renewed and impressive momentum it has experienced.

It was not easy to justify launching an 32 home processor last year - but it is possible that in 2020 we will also be able to purchase models with 64 cores, just like in the world of servers

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