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Edge of the iceberg: AMD plans to launch dozens of new video card models

Documentation from the European EEC database reveals a host of other variants of the E- RX 5000 that will probably leak to us in the near future

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Getting started for the new Navi architecture It is quite modest and boasts only two intermediate models, which are set to land on shelves as early as next month - but the sequel would appear to be much wider and varied, even if not necessarily based entirely on the advanced 7 nanometers in question.

Documentation of Sapphire, one of the oldest and largest partners of And ATI before it, reveals plans to launch dozens of models under the family of the - New RX 5000 - Starting from RX 5950 and RX 5950 XT at the top end, RX 5850 and RX 5850 XT, which are still designed to be more powerful than the first officially announced models, RX 5500 and RX 5550 at the lower end (both with standard versions and XT versions) that may be based on Which is not , If judged according to the branding methods we saw in the past.

RX 5700 is the peak? It turns out that - There are plans for five more advanced levels of graphic cards, seemingly

Sapphire is even planning to launch a seemingly new, reinforced Polaris model under the name Radeon RX 590 XT - but at this point it is unlikely that these are merely tentative registration requests, and it is not at all guaranteed that all of these possible model names will truly become official commercial products. It's definitely nice to get evidence that There are large and large plans for the Navi architecture, Which preceded it in the upper market and remained "rare" and relatively difficult to obtain throughout her life, though information should be treated with great skepticism for the time being.

Has stated in the past that the E- Adapted to extremely large scalability - we may be getting the proof of the matter today

Will Navi be able to provide real competition for its video cards On all levels, or whether the launch of the updated Super models at the Green Camp will scratch the cards and bring back Back to the underdog box that it has occupied for quite a few years? You are welcome to tell us about your estimates and assumptions in the comments.

The future of the graphic market will be very intriguing, certainly with the coming entry of Do not race

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